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Atlas ID Launches to Empower Businesses to Mitigate Return-to-Work Risks and Support Safe Operations
[July 06, 2020]

Atlas ID Launches to Empower Businesses to Mitigate Return-to-Work Risks and Support Safe Operations

SALT LAKE CITY, July 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- New HR tech company Atlas ID launched today, unveiling its COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Platform, a new solution helping companies mitigate the risks associated with reopening and operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, the platform will empower employees with precise control over how they actively and openly participate in the process of privately sharing their personal healthcare data.

Atlas ID helps businesses create a manageable process for accessing and sharing important COVID-19 related health data in a way that is secure and regulatory compliant. For employees to be active participants in the back-to-work process, it provides the assurance that personal data they choose to share will be kept strictly confidential.

The COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Platform offers employers multiple tactical options to reduce risks posed by the virus and the ability to select specific tactics best suited for their respective workplace needs. For example, the platform currently offers the capability to do the following:

  • Store a tamper-proof essential employee letter that individuals can carry with them and display at any time.
  • Enable employees' virtual self-reporting of symptoms before going into work.
  • Support proactive viral testing to help identify people that may be infected at work and contagious, but asymptomatic or presymptomatic.
  • Through a mobile QR reader, use any mobile tablet or device to set up checkpoints anywhere in the workplace to confirm that employees have met the employer's requirements before entering that space.
  • Option to record proof of data stored on blockchain so there is an immutable time-stamp for audit purposes.

Atlas ID helps employers manage the flow of this data and communications by securing and automating processes that have traditionally been handled through spreadsheets or other insecure digital means or even pen and paper.

With strong backing from a team of more than two dozen HR, security, and privacy experts, the privacy-by-design Atlas ID technology has been in development for 18 months and has received significant industry recognition and support for its promise on the road to its debut.

"With the right tools, it is possible to manage COVID-19 within the workplace without relinquishing privacy," said Debra Farber, longtime privacy expert, and Atlas ID advisor. "Atlas ID has, by design, built privacy into its architecture, which empowers individuals with choice and control over how they use the technology and with whom they share their COVID-related medical records. What's more, it puts organizations in a position to use this health data to determine if people can safely come into work—in a manner that is secure, tamper-proof and compliant with privacy laws. Mitigating workplace risk while preserving privacy is a balance Atlas ID is uniquely capable of striking for its customers."

The COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Platform is being piloted by beta customers such as Intermountain Regional Landfill, a provider of waste management services for commercial contractors and municipal entities.

"As an essential business, having a proactive plan for protecting our employees and ensuring business continuity is critical," said Adam Campbell, CFO of Intermountain Regional Landfill. "Access to COVID-19 related data is going to be a necessary part of remaining safely operational. Atlas ID provides an easy and direct way for our HR team to communicate with our employees—for health data as well as official documents such as essential employment letters. At the same time, the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Platform helps us empower our employees throughout the process and gives them total control over how they share their data—in a manner that is private and secure."

"The process of reopening businesses must be built on trust between employers and their employees," said Ali Davar, CEO of Atlas ID. "Transparency along with employee participation are keys to creating a safer workplace. Our goal is to help businesses navigate and streamline the complexities of reopening workplaces in an intelligent, transparent and privacy-preserving way that's focused on engaging employees as active participants in creating a healthy and safe work environment."

Key features of the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Platform include:

  • Private and secure end-to-end encryption: Similar to WhatsApp and Apple's iMessage, the platform's encryption keeps test details confidential and secure in the hands of employees and employers.
  • Tamper-proof and fraud-resistant: Individual employees maintain control over their information and can decide when and how to provide their self-attestations and test results with employers as well as credentials (such as an essential employee letter) with the public/local officials. Both employers and employees can be assured that they can't tamper with this information.
  • Works with all government-approved diagnostic companies: Atlas ID is provider agnostic and will integrate with all major HCOs and EHRs and platforms.
  • Blockchain-based audit trail: provides employers the option of an unalterable record of what they have done to protect their employees' health and safety that they can use as evidence in the future.

"Employers need a simple process for evaluating risks and determining options when it comes to safety in the workplace as we reopen," said Joe Fournier, advisor to Atlas ID and former CHRO, Intermountain Healthcare, Michigan Medicine, and UMass Memorial Medical Center. "I know that there is no silver bullet to reopening and certainly no one-size-fits-all approach—employers need the ability to choose the right measures for their particular circumstances. The Atlas ID framework is unique in that it puts employees in control of their data thereby encouraging participation in the sharing of and access to sensitive COVID-related data points. Employee participation is critical to evaluating risks and determining the right next steps. I see Atlas ID as a necessary conduit to communicate health data and protocols in a safe and transparent manner that removes fear and restores confidence among employees and employers as we get back to the workplace."

To learn more about Atlas ID and the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Platform, visit

About Atlas ID
Atlas ID is an HR technology company that powers a private and secure COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Platform. The platform enables individuals to voluntarily self-report symptoms, receive COVID-19-related test results, and choose when and with whom to share those results, thereby putting employees in control of their sensitive data. With its tamper-proof, fraud-resistant, and end-to-end encrypted technology, Atlas ID is a part of the ecosystem of solutions that is helping companies safely reopen and maintain operations amid the pandemic. The company has received strong backing from a team of more than two dozen HR, security, and privacy experts. For more information, please visit

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