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5% Decrease in Total Spam Calls for May Reflect Slowdown in 2021 Spam Call Growth
[June 02, 2021]

5% Decrease in Total Spam Calls for May Reflect Slowdown in 2021 Spam Call Growth

NEW YORK, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- RoboKiller, the app that eliminates 99% of spam calls and  text messages, reveals Americans received an estimated 5.3 billion spam calls in May 2021 - a 5% decrease from April. May totals reflect a significant trend reversal compared with the 20% average monthly growth seen in late 2020 and the start of this year.

Despite macro forces driving another month of lower total spam calls, spam text volume increased by 7% in May up to 7.1 billion. The return of month-over-month spam text increases while spam calls decline indicate scammers are pivoting to new methods of stealing from American consumers over the phone. With 2021 spam text trends holding as RoboKiller anticipated, Americans are on track to receive more than 80 billion total spam text messages in 2021.

International COVID-19 Resurgences and FCC STIR/SHAKEN June Deadline Impacting Phone Scam Operations Worldwide
Monthly spam call decreases in May were likely driven by a temporary reduction in international robocall traffic as many countries, including India, reinstated quarantine orders following COVID-19 resurgences. Based on trends observed in mid-2020, this will likely give way to a significant spike in spam calls later this year when scammers come back online and attempt to make up lost ground. On the other hand, the FCC's upcoming STIR/SHAKEN anti-spoofing deadline later this month is expected to have some impact on robocall volume as more phone providers roll out their solutions to illegal robocall traffic on their networks. However, RoboKiller expects spam call volume will remain elevated beyond the deadline and increase over the remainder of the year.

Fewer Phone Scams Are Still Yielding Damaging Financial Losses
According to the FCC, Americans reported $165 million in financial losses to phone call and text fraud from January to March 2021, with median losses of approximately $1,000 per reported scam. Based on these trends, Americans are on track to lose more than $650 million to phone scams in 2021.   

As RoboKiller observed in 2020, spam call and text volume doesn't always correlate with phone scam-related financial losses. Scammers often tailor their phone scams in times of uncertainty , which in turn makes their phone scams more believable. This leads more people to fall victim to phone scams and yields a higher financial return for phone scammers. 

Travel Scams Emerge as a Major Threat In Coming Months
As vaccination rates in the United States increase and the travel industry returns to pre-COVID levels, RoboKiller observed a rapid increase in travel and vacation robocall and text scams. Since January 2021, travel phone scams have increased by more than 10% as scammers try to take advantage of eager travelers hoping to take a much-needed vacation.  Year to date, there have been 1.9 billion travel phone scams, often disguised as legitimate travel brands such as booking websites, hotel chains, cruise lines, or airlines, offering free accommodations in exchange for personal and financial information.


Top Five Most Spam-Called States:


Total Estimated Spam Calls

Estimated Spam Calls Per Person










New York






Top Phone Scams Nationwide:

Robocall Scam Category

Estimated Spam Calls

% of Total Robocalls

Vehicle Warranty



Health Insurance



Student Loans



Travel Scams



*All audio examples are phone scams blocked and audio fingerprinted by RoboKiller

Top Five Most Spam-Texted States:


Total Estimated Spam Text Messages

Estimated Spam Texts Per Person




New York












Top Text Scams Nationwide:

Spam Text Category

Estimated Spam Texts

% of Total Spam Texts

Amazon, UPS, & Other Delivery Scams



Apple & Smart Device Sweepstakes



DMV + Vehicle Scams



Tips On How To Stop Phone Scams:

  • Don't answer phone calls from unknown phone numbers, especially those that call or text at odd hours.
  • Never provide personal, banking, or sensitive information over the phone to any caller.
  • Don't follow any prompts like "Press 1" or click any links.
  • Download a spam call and text blocker like RoboKiller to equip your phone with the latest phone-scam-fighting technology. Apps like RoboKiller use global databases of millions of known scams to prevent scammers from reaching you in the first place.

Any brand interested in protecting themselves against scams perpetrated under their name can contact our enterprise services team for more information.

RoboKiller's Data Insights
These national robocall and spam text insights are provided by RoboKiller, the only app that helps eliminate 99% of spam calls in the United States. RoboKiller's Robocall Insights is powered by its global database of millions of known phone scams and audio fingerprints. This data is estimated by monitoring observed robocall and spam text trends for Americans who have trusted RoboKiller to stop their spam calls and has been featured by major media publications since its release in 2018. 

For a comprehensive analysis of robocall trends in specific cities, states, and area codes, details on particular phone scams, or any other related custom inquiries, please contact RoboKiller's robocall insights team here or at

With more than 12 million downloads to date, RoboKiller has been named a leader in technical and mobile achievement by the Webby Awards, Media Excellence, Best in Biz, and more. RoboKiller was also named the most effective solution to robocalls by the FTC as the winner of the most recent Robocalls: Humanity Strikes Back competition. RoboKiller is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play. To learn more about RoboKiller, visit

About RoboKiller:
RoboKiller is the leading independent spam call blocker in the United States. RoboKiller's predictive spam call blocking technology uses A.I. and machine-learning to intercept an incoming spam call in less than 0.01 second. RoboKiller then deploys its army of spam-call-fighting Answer Bots to waste scammers' time and resources, preventing them from placing thousands of spam calls each minute. Since its launch in 2017, RoboKiller has helped more than 10 million Americans prevent approximately $140M losses to phone scams and live their lives spam-call-free™. RoboKiller, a Teltech brand, is a division of Mosaic Group, an IAC Company (NASDAQ: IAC).

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