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November 30, 2011

Apple Brings iTunes to Brazil in Deal With Music Publishers Union

By Miguel Leiva-Gomez, TMCnet Contributor

Technology tycoon Apple (News - Alert) turned its eyes towards the largest country in Latin America to sign a deal with the local music publisher’s union, which will introduce iTunes to Brazil. While anyone can download the iTunes application, not every country has the capability to enter the iTunes store. This new deal will allow the residents of Brazil to buy music and listen to it on their media players for the first time.

A deal like this usually involves establishing royalties for artists and publishers whose music appears in the iTunes store for Brazilians. Michaela Couto from the Brazilian Union of Music Publishers says that the negotiations between Apple and the union have approached an “advanced stage” and that iTunes will launch in Brazil by the middle of December. Other attempts to get any word out of the union were in vain, as the union refused to further comment on negotiations.

From Apple’s side of negotiations, Brazil spokeswoman Juliana Nunez prefers not to comment either. The only official word on anything came from Brazilian newspaper O Globo, which mentioned Michaela Couto’s words.

If Apple seals this deal, it will help in expanding its franchise further into Latin America and establish greater revenues from the millions of Internet users in the country. Details about Apple’s deal with the union remain in the shadows, but they’re expected to close the deal in less than a month.

Apple’s application functions with the iPod and other products in its franchise, which allow users to take their music with them in the portable devices. They also have the option of using the application as a media player on their computers, regardless of whether they bought their music from the iTunes store or imported it into the application itself.

Miguel Leiva-Gomez is a professional writer with experience in computer sciences, technology, and gadgets. He has written for multiple technology and travel outlets and owns his own tech blog called The Tech Guy, where he writes educational, informative, and sometimes comedic articles for an audience that is less versed in technology.

Edited by Jennifer Russell
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