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May 20, 2024

High-Tech Headstones Are Bringing the Dead Back to Life: A Deep Dive

Headstones are significant in the sense that they enable us to humanize deceased loved ones. They are not a new concept as burial markers and gravestones have been observed as far as the Neolithic and Bronze Ages.

In times past, entire families and their generations were put to rest at the same site. It was even considered a matter of great privilege to be laid aside your loved ones. For instance - the renowned patriarchs of the faith, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, are all buried in the Cave of Machpelah in Hebron.

These patriarchs rest together with their wives, Sarah, Rebekah, and Leah, respectively. Their burial spot is considered to be the world’s oldest Jewish site. Even our ancient fathers tried to make their deceased’s resting place as personal as possible.

Today, the possibilities are much more advanced as technology enables the dead to speak from beyond the grave. In this article, we will discuss all about it in detail.

An Attempt to Make Headstones More Personal

In general, walking past a gravestone is a similar experience. Each has etched on it the name of the deceased, their date of death, along with a few choice words of honor.

According to Legacy Headstones, it is important to carve gravestones with empathy and care as they commemorate the legacy of life. So, it is only fitting to choose a headstone design, quote, and picture that does justice to the life it is to honor.

Even so, people have felt as if something can seem off or incomplete. For instance - Christopher Hills stated during an interview with ABCNews that he wants to speak to his great-grandchildren long after he’s gone.

The way he plans on doing this is not through a last will or psychic medium but a microchip. Yes, tech companies are coming up with RFID chip tags that can be installed onto a headstone. These tags can store up to 1,000 words along with the deceased’s picture.

The way it works is that one’s mobile phone must have compatible technology with the chip. Then, the details stored in the chip will illuminate right on the smartphone screen via the internet. The tags are considered to be durable enough to last over 3,000 years.

Besides a stark gray tablet with some basic details, future generations will have more to know about their ancestors. They can know where their loved one was from, what they enjoyed doing, and how they spent their life.

Why Families Are Choosing the New Headstone Technology

While designing headstones for loved ones, families have started considering this technology. The only requirement, once the technology has been added, is to hold a mobile phone next to it. With internet access, all the relevant details will pop up right on the screen. Let’s look at some of the reasons why families are siding with headstone technology.

A More Positive Experience

Don’t we all desire to connect with our loved ones even after they are gone? Despite the circumstances of their death, we want to cling to the good memories and their life’s legacy. The new headstone technology makes burial markers a more positive place of remembrance.

When the deceased’s life story and pictures pop up, they minimize the feelings of loss and grief. Their dear ones get more private time to heal and reminisce on the past. Even though multiple generations have passed, the deceased can remain more alive than ever.

Addition Possible to a New or Existing Gravestone

The good news with gravestone microchip technology is that you need not erect a new headstone to have it installed. It can be incorporated as a part of a new headstone or an existing one. This means it is possible to personalize a deceased loved one’s resting place for future generations even today.

Ability to Leave Behind a Better Legacy

When families visit their loved ones’ gravesite, they wish to establish a more ‘personal connection.’ Those who never saw or interacted with the deceased may also wish to know them more closely and imagine what they were like.

The new gravestone technology makes this connection possible. It creates a highly special tribute to honor a deceased’s legacy of life.

Indefinite Accessibility

If the claims surrounding the microchip are true, a loved one’s legacy can stay locked in for thousands of years. This means that once installed, the details will be archived and accessible as long as there is internet availability. Even if the particular company that devised the chip goes out of business, a gravestone’s legacy will remain unaffected.

The National Funeral Directors Association found that 60.5% of the deceased in 2023 were cremated, whereas only 34.5% were buried. The latter provides for a permanent mausoleum or site for the deceased’s loved ones to visit them. With the technology mentioned in this article, burial markers are only going to become more personal and close to the heart.

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