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December 11, 2023

Every Business Needs A Website Content Page - Here's Why

Ah, content. Don’t you just love it? It’s everywhere, from the thousands of hours of YouTube (News - Alert) videos uploaded every minute to the endless blog posts we see for every kind of question and recipe we could ever even think of. Now, AI tools are even getting in on the action, being trained on the entire corpus of publicly available human data and sites like Reddit to bring about sharper and better responses. It’s enough to make your head spin.

That being said, let us make the argument that yes, content is a great marketing tool, and it still has benefits in 2023. Learning what content to put together is half the battle, learning when and why to publish accounts for the other half. But if every business needs a website content page, what would that look like in practice? Without further ado, let’s consider some of the following advice to discuss that entirely:

Raising Search Authority

When people think of blog page content, they can often think of spammy and repetitive articles that may or may not have been written by AI. But the truth is that you don’t have to fall into that pipeline. You can use your space to offer interesting insight into your business process, share lessons, and involve your audience. Then, perhaps with an HVAC SEO company to help you in a specific industry context, others can refer back to your blog and that raises your site's authority. Over time, organic rankings can be yours.

Network With Guests

It’s nice to put out content that serves as a kind of thought leadership, and you can also use that to help spotlight your wider thoughts on the industry. You might offer guest writers or podcasts guests where most appropriate, in order to widen your perspective. Remember that you can also use this as an educational tool, such as by telling your possible clients how to prepare their home for winter which even makes your attendance to their properties that much more convenient. A blog, in that respect, can raise your natural authority in the same way heading to a local convention can, and that provides more worth than you may have thought possible.

Chart Your Story

A blog can also serve as a wonderful means of charting your business story. If you offer this, transparently, then you’re inviting people to care about it too. For example, a spotlight on people in your company and how they contribute (a celebratory tone is of course needed), a timeline of your history, and perhaps even a list of lessons you’ve learned when dealing with trusted clients and how you’ve used to benefit your clients over the years. Little measures like this can be wonderful and make a massive difference to your brand and are worth appreciating from the ground up.

With this advice, you’re certain to curate a business content section, page or blog that not only inspires business communication but perfects your approach with dignity going forward. It may take some time to achieve, but a fun project such as this is worth the investment.

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