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September 18, 2023

PDF Editing: How and Why You Should Use It On Your iPhone

No matter where you look these days, PDF files can be found — from creating restaurant menus and legal documents to ebooks and government notices. A lot of business is now on the go, meaning you will be working on your smart devices. But, when you receive a PDF on your phone and find an issue in the text that you want to change, you’ll run into a serious problem: you can’t edit the document.

So, why is this the case? It comes down to how PDFs are created. Luckily, in most scenarios, a PDF editor is all you need to download to edit the content. Below, we’re going to take a look at everything you need to know about how to edit PDF on iPhone.

PDF Editors for Making Changes

When PDFs were created, the developers wanted a format that resembled a printed page irrelevant to the platform used to display it. To do this, they created a special code within the PDF document to ensure the format remained the same. The result was that you can’t just open it in MS Word and edit it as Word doesn’t know how to read the code. To make edits, you need specialized PDF editing software.

Trademark PDF Files with a PDF Editor

If you want to send out content on behalf of your business, you want to ensure readers know it’s unequivocally yours. You can do this by trademarking your PDFs with the following:

  • Add a logo
  • Display a watermark
  • Feature a stamp
  • Include a header or footer

It’s vital to protect your business and brand. You can easily add the trademarks you want using a PDF editor on your iPhone (News - Alert) or other iOS devices.

Change PDF Page Order

If your business is preparing to deliver a proposal or presentation to a client or potential client, having the pages in the correct order is critical to making your point. It’s not always about what you say in the presentation — it’s often about how you say it.

A PDF editor gives you the flexibility to change page order and rearrange your ideas on your iPhone so they have a logical, clear, coherent flow.

You can also use a PDF editor to add pages from other PDFs to your current document, so if your team has been working on different sections independently, you can merge the project seamlessly on the go from your smartphone.

Complete and Redact Forms Remotely

We live in a world of convenience and instant gratification. Large businesses are largely driven by their ability to offer convenience to their clients. If doing business with you is difficult, clients will likely find somewhere easier to get the job done.

Using a PDF editor, you can create digital forms that allow clients to complete them remotely from whatever technology they have at hand — no need to send paperwork by snail mail or invite clients or partners to the office. You can design interactive forms that can be completed by filling in the boxes. Boxes can be checked or unchecked, and clients can sign the document at the end from wherever they might be.

On top of that, if you need to redact sensitive info from those forms or files, this PDF Editor will help you do that from your iPhone, no matter where you are. All that makes keeping your business moving wherever you are!

Work and Edit Remotely

How many times have you wrapped up working, gone home, and then realized you forgot to do something that needs to be done urgently? Well, if what you need to do is related to a PDF, it doesn’t matter - you can sort it from anywhere at any time on any smart device, including that iPhone!

With a proper PDF editor, you can make all the adjustments you need without an internet connection. You can access the document, make the changes, then hit save and send it to whoever needs it.

The peace of mind offered by using PDF tools shouldn’t be underestimated. Of course, it’s important to switch off from your work life when you go home, but having a way to combat any work-related emergencies from anywhere is a great comfort.

Quick, Easy Collaboration

Your whole team can use the PDF editing tool to collaborate on a single PDF document using their phone, computer, or any other device. They can make comments, suggestions, and edits and exchange ideas and feedback — all on the document!

Working collaboratively will allow your team to develop a togetherness that will boost your business morale to new heights. Your team will feel like they’ve all contributed in a dynamic and flexible way.

This also opens up more opportunities for your colleagues to work remotely, allowing them to be more energized and productive without needing to sit through weekly meetings that often waste time. In any business, tools that streamline processes are critical to success.



There are plenty of PDF editing tools that businesses can use to finetune their operations, even if they work remotely from their iPhone or iOS devices. From editing the text in the document to rearranging the pages and adding trademark features, a PDF editor is a critical tool for any company.

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