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March 21, 2023

Why Do We Still Need a PC?

Do we still need a PC in this day and age of mobile devices? After all, modern smartphones and tablets are capable of a wide range of tasks, from web browsing to gaming. Given how liberated you feel in the mobile age, you might be ready to retire your cumbersome desktop PC. But pause. Despite being past its prime, the PC is still useful. Personal computers (PCs) remain essential even in today's digital age. In fact, for some tasks, it remains the best tool. We'll examine why a PC is still necessary for this article and why it won't be replaced anytime soon.

Multimonitor Productivity Made Simple

A full-sized desktop PC offers the most flexibility when setting up multiple monitors. Although docking stations, USB display adapters, and graphic expansion modules enable multimonitor configurations on laptops, they come with various restrictions and a hefty price tag (News - Alert). On the other hand, adding more graphics cards simplifies upgrading a typical desktop computer. Depending on each individual's needs, these can be bought brand-new or salvaged from bit older desktops.

Superior Gaming Experience: Larger Screens and More Powerful Hardware

But what about fun activities like playing video games or gambling at an online casino? These can undoubtedly be done on mobile devices as well. The PC still provides a better experience, even though many online games have mobile software versions.

In particular, if we look at online gambling, players may be able to explore numerous gaming options easily when playing on a PC compared to a smartphone, ultimately leading to a better experience. To elevate your experience further, visit to get a comprehensive guide to online casinos and learn about the basics and what you need to be aware of as you navigate the gambling world. Furthermore, many online casinos offer downloadable software only compatible with PCs.

Storage and Backup

Despite the rise in popularity of cloud storage over the past few years, it's still a good idea to have a local backup of your most important files. Fast access to files that are too big to store in the cloud can be provided by a PC with a large hard drive in addition to serving as a backup. You can stream movies, music, and other content to other devices by using a PC as a media server for your home network.

PC Dominance in Specialized Fields

The workplace is one setting where the PC still reigns supreme. Even though many businesses now provide their employees with mobile devices, the PC is still the preferred tool for many jobs. This is especially true for professions like graphic design, engineering, and programming requiring specialized software or equipment. A PC is an indispensable tool in these fields, enabling professionals to perform their duties successfully.


The PC is still a crucial tool for many tasks, even though mobile devices have undoubtedly changed how we use technology. The PC provides a superior experience that mobile devices cannot match, whether for serious work or leisure activities like online gaming and gambling. The PC is still the best option, whether you're a professional who needs specialized software or a casual gamer who wants the best possible experience. So, the next time someone asks if we still need a PC, the answer is a resounding yes.

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