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March 20, 2023

Salesforce vs ServiceNow: which one is better for you?

ServiceNow (News - Alert) and Salesforce Service Cloud are leaders in different markets. Salesforce has a handful of various tools: CRM, sales, marketing, service, and obtaining a complete picture of the customer and their experience. ServiceNow is a leading player in Information Technology Service Management (ITSM). While ServiceNow strongly focuses on IT workflows, it is also good at monitoring and optimizing employee and customer workflows. Thus, there are certain areas of overlap between these two solutions.

This article examines the parallels and discrepancies between Salesforce vs ServiceNow and identifies their ideal customers.


Salesforce Service Cloud manages and processes all aspects of the enterprise's relationship with its customers, such as customer contact details, customer transactions, customer support requests, etc.

ServiceNow is an IT service management tool that integrates fragmented tools and legacy systems and automates the service management process. It creates a better experience for employees, users, and customers.

How are they similar?

Regarding similarities, ServiceNow and Salesforce Service Cloud offer ticketing and sales features. Unsurprisingly, Salesforce offers a wider and deeper set for handling external customer requests and sales management features than ServiceNow.

Both offer a look at the customer journey. Thus, a company can deploy both platforms. Each of them gives an insight. Yet each of them has its own point of view. Thus, the areas of direct competition between them are rather limited.

How different are they?

The two of them are very different both in terms of the product as a whole and in terms of how they serve customers. ServiceNow's bread and butter is internal IT management. It performs many of the functions necessary for the operation of corporate IT. On the other hand, Salesforce Service Cloud is not trying to compete in this space. The focus is on sales, marketing, and customer service in general.

The simplest method to comprehend how ServiceNow and Salesforce Service Cloud differ when it comes to consumers is to look at their areas of concentration.

Salesforce Service Cloud starts and ends with the client. Everything revolves around the customer and their steps to discover, evaluate and purchase products. AI is being used to learn the details of demographics, marketing, product selection, upsell, cross-sell, and customer retention. Marketing campaigns and actions to increase sales are connected to everything.

ServiceNow takes a completely different approach. It's all about work processes. Its platform defines and streamlines marketing, sales, and service workflows to manage the multitude of applications and systems involved in the customer journey.

Who is the ideal user for each?

Salesforce Service Cloud definitely wins when the decision process is only based on CRM and sales. Regarding client AI, Salesforce's Einstein AI is better known for its analytics capabilities than ServiceNow's AI. But Salesforce isn't for everyone.

Thus, the ideal Salesforce user should fall into several of the following categories:

  • Salesforce is the most scalable and customizable solution for large enterprises. However, it is also used by small and medium businesses, and its benefits increase as the scale of operations increases.
  • Any organization focusing on sales and marketing should look closely at Salesforce.

On the other hand, the ideal user for ServiceNow would be:

  • An organization that needs or aims for a stronger internal IT discipline covering areas such as ITSM and ITOM.
  • A company that wants to gain real insight into the workflows behind customer-facing activities. ServiceNow can help organizations isolate bottlenecks, throughput, and throughput issues that may hinder sales and marketing efforts.

As you see, the choice is rather tough.

You decide

In this era of technology, the quality of customer service becomes a decisive factor for any business. The term "experience" includes not only customer service but also the complete life cycle of a customer with that brand.

We have two cloud-based customer service engines available in the market to meet these needs: Salesforce and ServiceNow. Both provide different service levels - some are similar, and some are different.

So which to choose?

Different reports state that Salesforce Service Cloud is the best choice for every educational, non-profit, and government. In fact, ServiceNow is equally important for many establishments. The number of users and popularity of both SaaS (News - Alert)-based platforms is crazy. Thus, the right choice between Salesforce and ServiceNow depends entirely on your business projects and requirements.

They both excel in offering support and services to their specific customer base. In short, to choose the right cusotmer serviceplatform - Salesforce or ServiceNow - you need proper guidance to determine which can benefit your organization.

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