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February 06, 2023

Pro Tips On Promoting And Increasing Views On Your Live Stream

Starting your live streaming channel is an easy thing to set up. What is difficult is gaining views and keeping the numbers constant. Getting stuck on low views can be a demotivating factor and get you in a slump. But we can offer you some great pro tips to help you in that area. So, here are some great and effective pro tips to promote your live stream and increase your views. Let's begin!

Start With The Right Equipment

Trust us when we tell you that the right equipment matters. Having the right camera, sound equipment, lights, and supporting equipment can take your live streams ahead by leaps and bounds. Your audience would like to view quality stuff, and having the right equipment can boost your views. You can even use special equipment like the first 3D streaming camera to captivate your audience and offer them a unique experience.

About VR180 — How It Can Boost Your Live Streaming Experience

VR180 is the only virtual reality 3D video camera that can stream live 3D. Hence, you can imagine the kind of experience it has in store for your viewers. Developed by, it offers high-quality video of up to 4k, 30 FPS, and 1520 x 1520 pixels per eye.

VR180 can operate on both VP8 and VP9 codecs with very low latency. It gives you a field of view of 130 degrees, with a focal fixed length of 1.7 mm. You also get an IR filter and fisheye lens with it. Furthermore, it is tested with Xlovecam for large-volume streamings. If you have Windows 10 and above, VR180 will work smoothly.  

Pre-Schedule Your Stream

The best way to increase views is to pre-schedule your live streams. It will give you time to make final preparations while allowing your viewers to know all about it. Pre-scheduling live streams have also seen more viewers than random ones. Pre-scheduling gives your viewers time to prepare for what you have in store for them.

Let Your Audience (News - Alert) Know

Your audience will know about your streams when you tell them about them. You need to constantly communicate about your streams so they can stream your content whenever you go live. Here are a few tips to follow in this case:

  • Take social media to let your viewers know when you will be streaming. Post a status a few hours before to create anticipation
  • Post about it in communities to create a buzz
  • Mention your streams in a blog post
  • Opt for a strong title for your stream
  • Use a striking thumbnail to attract the viewer's attention visually
  • Describe what your stream is about and use relevant hashtags

Collab With Other Streamers/Influencers

Another great way to promote your live streams is to invite streamers and influencers to your stream or collaborate with them. This way, you can bring their audience into your stream and increase views while promoting to new viewers. This can also help you gain loyal viewers.

Consistency And Quality

Lastly, remember that consistency and quality are the main ingredients in this business. You need to be consistent if you want views for your live stream. Streaming irregularly will make you lose your audience and have a plunging effect on your views. Schedule your streams well ahead and keep communicating with your audience.

Alongside, your need to churn out good quality content that will engage your audience. Study and see what type of content is popular among your audience and merge it with what you want to do. Any audience's attention is very low, so your content must capture their attention immediately and have them come back again and again.

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