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January 26, 2023

3 Industries That Are Beginning to Use Advanced Tech

In the past few years, we've seen technological advancements in everything from healthcare to manufacturing. But there are still some industries where technology has yet to be fully adopted.  Even though it could make them more efficient, more cost-effective, and safer for workers, some industries have been slower to adopt using technology in their industries.  

But eventually, especially in the modern world, technology becomes too compelling to ignore.  Here's a look at three industries that are starting to use advanced technology. 


Trucking is a natural fit for advanced technology because it involves transporting goods across long distances. As more people buy their groceries online, truck drivers will have to travel further and longer to pick up goods. This means that these drivers need to be able to drive longer distances in less time—and with fewer stops and issues. 

The ability to track and maintain fleets has been one of the biggest technological advances in recent years. You've probably noticed more semi-trucks driving down major highways than even a few years ago. In 2021, there were approximately 4 million semi-trucks on US roads. 

To manage all of these trucks and maintain them, companies like Cetaris have created a tracking software that can help truckers know when to get a repair or visit a mechanic before any warning lights go on. Other technological advancements include creating more fuel-efficient engines, advanced GPS, and predictive software that can help products arrive faster. 

Real Estate 

You may be surprised to learn that real estate is one of the biggest industries in the world. In fact,  some reports show it is a $3.69 trillion dollar industry worldwide.  Of course, that figure includes all kinds of things, including residential and commercial properties, mortgages, and rentals. 

So how can technology help? There are multiple ways for technology to get involved, from helping you find a place to live to automating rental payments. 

The scope of real estate is massive, and that means there are lots of opportunities for tech companies to get involved. Here are just a few examples: 

  • Property managers are able to run hundreds of apartments and properties almost 100% remotely. This includes paying rent, requesting maintenance, and communicating with tenants.  
  • Construction companies are using AI machines to create items that are used in construction 
  • Building materials are being studied and made stronger, more dependable, and longer lasting making homes and apartments safer to live in. 


Agriculture is an industry that is starting to use a lot more technology, and it's important because it’s such an essential part of the economy that is on a very tight schedule. In order for the agricultural industry to be efficient and sustainable, it uses technology to improve productivity. 

Farming is often seen as taking place on farms where small groups of people grow crops for animals or people. In reality, there are many different kinds of farms. There are some large industrial farms that grow thousands of acres of food every year, while others are small family businesses that produce only enough food to feed themselves and their families. As a general rule, the more land and crops, the more technology that is needed. 

As technology advances in this industry, less food is wasted, and crops are kept alive and flourishing in conditions that would not have been possible ten years ago. In some ways, farmers are now required to understand software and shipping orders as much as how to grow the best wheat or vegetables.  


Now you have a better understanding of the ways that advanced technology is changing the way we live. With these advancements, getting work done on the go and communicating with others around the world has never been easier.  

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