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January 12, 2023

5 Marketing Freebie Ideas to Grow Your Audience

Everyone loves free goodies from companies, but pens, pencils and mugs can appear a little outdated these days. 

In response to that, we're presenting five unique freebie ideas to grow your audience. You can link potential customers to your email subscriptions with free items or initiatives, or use free content to engage your growing audience further. Let's go over our ideas below!

Physical Products

While pens and pencils can be tedious, they're a fantastic example of how to make your company memorable through physical freebies. 

Physical items that catch people's attention will certainly be unique - for example, custom pins. Add your slogan or a fun, relevant message that links back to your company. An environmentally-minded company might issue a pin badge that looks like a globe, while a yoga brand may create a unique lotus flower. This type of image does double-duty: it markets your company while also remaining versatile enough that anyone would be happy to add it to their tote bag. 

Online Classes 

If you're in the creative sector, you're in a great place to use online workshops and master classes as an incentive to get customers on board. They needn't be live; you could record them beforehand and limit access to those who subscribe to your email content. Insider knowledge!

Even if in the traditional business landscape, you could create meaningful content around your products. Think about how consumers can make the most of their investments! 

Alternatively, use audio content rather than visual content. Harvard Business School agrees that online courses are a big deal. When you've got top universities pushing students to engage in online classes, you know there is a market of people who will be interested. 

Complimentary Subscriptions 

Surely you've noticed how businesses use free trials to hook potential subscribers - maybe you've even been one of those customers!

When you offer a free trial, consumers often feel more confident in their purchase. People can try before buying, which infers that you are confident in your product. Forbes agrees that the ‘show, don’t tell' approach can be more profitable in the long run when trying to gain clients. 

Indeed, the company discussed in their article saw increased customer satisfaction and a reduced need to sell aggressively. 

Case Studies 

You may share consumers' reviews and experiences to a certain extent already; the public loves to see authentic proof of others' satisfaction. 

Try sharing those real-life insights via downloadable infographics and case studies. Take a look at how consumers respond to your online content, which will help you decide which format works best. Rather than a testimonial, a more in-depth document provides extra color and acts as a home for the positive feedback. 


Lastly, we love e-books. Try putting together a short e-book - only accessible to previous or new customers - that shares information on a particular product or concept. How-to guides teach customers essential information and ultimately create the idea that your brand is customer-centered. 

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Take what you've learned today, get inspired, and apply our recommendations to your business to reach a wider audience!

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