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December 07, 2022

Androsky Lugo Explains what Aspiring Architects can Expect from the Industry in Coming Years.

Architecture is a thrilling field, Androsky Lugo explains. As a seasoned architect specializing in sustainable design and construction, he has seen his work change lives as he strives to push for eco-friendly property design to improve the environment. At the same time, he acknowledges that becoming a successful architect is easier said than done in today's world and offers the following advice for aspiring architects to enable them to start their careers on the right foot.

Androsky Lugo, also known as A. Alberto Lugo, explains that architectural students need to understand current trends to find suitable job opportunities. He notes that sustainable design is becoming increasingly popular as investors, construction companies, and consumers become increasingly aware of the environmental damage caused by non-eco-friendly materials and design concepts.

Architects who know how to work with sustainable materials and are familiar with eco-friendly design concepts such as biophilic design will likely do better than those who need to be better versed in this field. Knowledge of building information modeling software is also essential, Lugo points out. While this software has, to some extent, replaced the need for actual architects, it's also a valuable tool that can be used to create improved concepts and designs. Architectural firms may expect architects applying for work to know how to use this software.

Experience is also essential, Androsky Lugo notes. Aspiring architects who want to find good work after graduation would take advantage of internship opportunities to gain on-the-job experience and build a professional network. Indeed, it's not uncommon for firms to hire interns that perform well during their internship, as these individuals already have the company-specific training needed to do their jobs. Lugo also recommends that architecture students look into volunteer opportunities to gain real-world experience. Organizations such as Build Abroad, Architects without Borders, and Journeyman International always need budding architects to help design and build homes and other facilities for those in need.

Androsky Lugo points out that the Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that there will be just over 9,000 job openings for architects in the next ten years. While this may sound like a lot of job opportunities, one should remember that job growth in the architectural industry stands at only 3%, much slower than in other industries. Thus, those who want to pursue a career in this field must ensure they stand out from the crowd to find a good job or even start their own architectural company.

Good ways to do this include staying abreast of architectural trends and developments, including the increased use of sustainable design and construction materials, learning how to use building information modeling programs, and gaining on-the-job experience before graduation by taking advantage of internship and volunteer opportunities. Androsky Lugo explains that those who do these things are not only developing valuable skills that will serve them well long-term but also boosting their odds of finding a suitable job faster and more efficiently than would have otherwise been possible.

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