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December 07, 2022

Ways You Can Merge PDFs

If you’ve got two or more PDF files that you need to merge into a single file, this tutorial will help you do that quickly and easily. Sometimes the simplest tasks can seem so frustrating, right? You can use free online apps to merge PDFs, as well as other premium tools that operate from your computer or device.

Online Method

There are a few steps to follow when using an online method to merge PDF files.  We’re using as an example of how these online apps work.

  • Choose your browser: From a desktop or laptop open a web browser such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Edge. From a smartphone, open whatever app you use to browse or search for things online.
  • Go to the PDF tool: In the browser’s search field, enter the address for or whatever PDF editor you choose. For, you can enter, or simply go to their home page and click “Merge PDF.”
  • Select PDF files to merge: Choose the upload file, which will direct you to a file explorer if you are using Windows, and in the case of a Mac, it will open Finder Window, from which you can choose the folder your PDF is saved in. You can also simply locate the file on your device and then click and drag it to the workspace. On Windows, press and hold Ctrl to select multiple files; on a Mac, press the Command or Shift, then select the PDF documents you want to merge.
  • Merge: Click the merge button and wait. The more and larger the documents, the longer the merge takes, but typically the merge happens in seconds. Speed also depends on your internet connection.
  • Download and save: Tools like do not offer storage, so download your newly merged PDF and save it on your device or in a cloud-based place like Google (News - Alert) Drive.

Use of software to merge PDF documents

We have two types of Adobe (News - Alert) Acrobat Reader is a free tool that does minimal editing and markup on PDFs for free. To do more advanced tasks like merge, you’ll need a paid subscription (purchase the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC).

Here are the steps to follow to merge the documents:

  • Open the software app: Open Adobe Acrobat DC and click on the tool, which brings you to creating PDF tools.
  • Locate the files: On the tool page, choose Combine Files. On the center of the page is a blue button; click on Add Files. With the help of File Explorer, place the PDFs you want to combine by pressing and holding Ctrl in Windows or Command if using a Mac. Choose the PDF files you wish to combine.
  • Open, then arrange: On the lower right corner of the device you are using, click Open; all the PDFs are shown here as thumbnail images. You can still add other PDF files to the folder by clicking and dragging the thumbnail images to change the order in which you need the files to be. You can also remove a PDF by clicking a thumbnail to select and choosing Remove, which is found at the upper part of the page. At the top of the page is a blue button; on it, choose the combine option, which will enable merging all the PDFs in the thumbnail list into a single PDF.
  • Save your new PDF: If you’re happy with the arrangement of the pages, select the Save option. You’ll be prompted to give your new document a name.

Troubleshooting PDF merging

In some cases, the originator of a PDF file may have locked the document or limited the permissions and abilities to make changes to the documents. This is especially true for legal documents and copyrighted materials. In these cases, you’ll have to go to the originator of the file and ask for permissions. You cannot make changes to a PDF file that has been copyrighted or locked by the originator.

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