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December 05, 2022

Advantages Of Using A Payroll App For Employee Payroll Processing

Payroll management is a critical function for any company. You must pay your staff accurately and on time to avoid low employee morale, poor productivity, and possibly even reputational and legal implications. Managing payroll is a necessary task and, honestly, not a fun one.

Payroll accounting is a time-consuming process that has to be conducted every month, and if you are using traditional methods, it is filled with a lot of paperwork and requires you to spend a lot of time on a spreadsheet. Thanks to technological improvements, you can also include an automated payroll system in your firm to make this cumbersome chore easier.

What is payroll software?

Payroll software, like Paylocity mobile app, is a program used in an organization to monitor, maintain, and automate employee payments. An Automated Payroll system employs pre-programmed functions to compile and calculate an employee's payroll on a secure platform.

It automates employee payments and keeps track of human resource records such as work hours and attendance. Payroll software saves time and prevents payment errors, resulting in happier employees and fewer difficulties for management.

Given below are a few benefits of using a payroll app for employee payment processing in your business:

1. Accurate payment calculation

Manually calculating employee salaries is tedious. HR has to gather information like working hours, holidays, and overtime and make adjustments to calculate salaries. An automated payroll application requires you to enter basic information and will figure out everything else, like base salary, incentives, and tax deductions.

This dramatically reduces the possibility of human error and provides accurate results.

2. Time Saver

Traditional payroll methods require HR to spend countless hours calculating employee compensation. Automated payroll software can compute salaries and compensation within minutes and save HR a lot of time which they can spend on other tasks.

3. Timely Payments

You can program your payroll application to disburse salaries on a given date automatically. This reduces the risk of untimely payments, which can severely impact employee morale.

4. Tax Management

Everyone wants to complete their tax returns as soon as possible. It is among the most challenging jobs an organization must perform before preparing the payslip. Payroll software generates reports that are legitimate and highly accurate. You can rely on payroll statements, including the most recent tax adjustments.

5. Payslip Generation

Creating payslips and paper checks for all employees is time-consuming and can consume a substantial portion of your working hours. Traditional methods of payslip generation are inconvenient and time-consuming for HR department staff. Things become more problematic when any aspects of the payslip must be changed or modified.

Payslip generation software is included with payroll management software to make the work easier for you. You can continue with the monthly payment routine in a hassle-free manner that will provide you with the proper amounts after extensive automatic calculations, making the process of payslip production quick and uncomplicated with minimal potential for error.

6. Security

A manual payroll process compromises your company's security and your employees' financial information. By using good-quality payroll software, you can be sure that crucial  information is secure and that anyone outside your firm cannot access it.

7. Tracking employee attendance and leaves

The payroll software's ability to track employee behaviors such as attendance, time shifts, and work leaves is an added benefit. It enables HR to carefully examine and record each employee's working habits. The software includes dedicated columns for entering worker information and total working hours.

It is impossible to maintain track of each person and their individual work schedule without the use of this sophisticated software.

8. Cost-Effectiveness

Payroll platforms can help you save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on manual payroll processing. You can cut off professional services that assist you in controlling payroll and enhance returns can help your firm save money. The cost reductions from switching to payroll software will grow with your company.

9. Easy to Use

Automated payroll software is fairly easy to use and can even be used by someone with no experience in payroll management. An easy-to-navigate user interface allows even a novice to handle payroll without any hassle.


There are various advantages to employing payroll software. In simpler terms, it can assist practically all organizations in automating their accounting operations and lowering costs. Automating payroll is one of the best decisions you can make to save both time and money. You can even use payroll software on your mobile devices, making them even more accessible.

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