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November 29, 2022

4 Ways that Social Media has Evolved

Social media was introduced in the early 2000s, and the ways we interact with it have changed since then. Where it used to be a way to make life updates and share photos with friends and family, it has grown since then.

While it is still used in this way a great deal, the fame that it's brought some users has led to involvement with industries like influencing and advertising. 

Some more of these changes are noted below, and they are important to consider because social media will continue to evolve in the years to come. 

1. New Ways to Grow Your Following

As social media platforms have gotten more popular among users, the concept of social media fame has risen as well. By posting the right photos and adding the right tags, users can get thousands of likes per photo and millions of followers. 

There are even new ways evolving that allow some users to get their start by using sites to buy Instagram followers. This can boost a user's visibility. 

Furthermore, on short video apps like TikTok, the social media platform will pay users per post they make if their videos get enough likes. 

In this way, the fame that social media can bring to individual users will also benefit the platform that they use because the popular users will attract more people to the app. 

2. Influencer Culture 

The rise of influencers on the internet was years ago before social media was a part of the conversation. Parenting and lifestyle blogs were some of the first instances of individuals online giving advice and getting endorsements online. 

When social media was first introduced, it was mainly to make sharing photos and updates with friends and family easier. 

But over the years, it has evolved to become more as well. Influencer culture online has become a facet of advertising that connects social media icons with businesses. 

When corporations partner with influencers, they reach the entire following base of these individuals, making it a lucrative investment. This has changed influencer culture from being just a popularity and fame industry to being a part of the advertising industry. 

3. Ability to Purchase Verification 

Twitter (News - Alert) is one social media platform that has seen many new changes since the ownership of the company changed hands. Many of these changes have been controversial, but one of the biggest changes is the new ability to purchase verification on the platform. 

There has been much backlash on this change, as it could impede the communication of those considered of “celebrity status” on the app, as it makes it easier for individuals to impersonate others. 

This change is rather recent and could change again in the future as more public feedback on this new change is heard. 

4. Photo Editing Apps

When social media was first introduced, there were only a few color filters that you could put over your photos. Today, there are editing apps that you can use to change any details about a photo that you like. 

This type of editing has been around for decades but originally only existed in more professional settings, for example, in fashion Magazines. 

Today, the power to make edits in photos is in the hands of each person that has an account. While it's revolutionary, there could be negative consequences as this technology evolves. 

Final Thoughts

Since the introduction of social media around 20 years ago, much has changed. Some for the better and some for the worse. With all that has evolved since the start of social media, it is curious to consider how it might change in the future! 

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