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October 07, 2022

The Many Benefits Of Using A Temporary Phone Number

It’s 2022. How did that happen?! And as the years have pushed forwards at an alarming pace, so has the demand for technology. The past ten years has seen an influx of different online solutions to help both individuals and businesses in terms of easing processes and creating a centralized platform for different areas of work. The need for an infinite list of temporary numbers is one of them.

What Is A Temporary Number?

Nowadays, people are less inclined to use their own cell or mobile number for anything that doesn’t include liaising directly with a person. With such a need to input your own number for any new service you sign up to - and right now, there are many - a solution has been found.

Using a temporary number has become super popular within the past year or so. It essentially consists of choosing a random number with the country-code of your preference (check out AnonymSMS as an example), and inputting it into the field where it asks for your cell number on whatever service you’re trying to use. This is normally for a verification code or one-time password to be sent to your phone in order for you to access a service. The message and code will then be sent to the number that you entered, and will be available to view on the website of the SMS service you chose to use.

What Are The Benefits?

Firstly, the benefits truly depend on which company you choose to use. It’s important to mention that there are a lot of companies online that charge you quite a lot of money to use their service, and even then a lot of the numbers can be slow and unreliable. It’s with this in mind that we have decided to focus on AnonymSMS - a totally free service to receive SMS online.

Advantages Of Using AnonymSMS

AnonymSMS’s service really is pretty cool. First off, they offer different numbers from around the world. So, you’ll be able to choose one from the US, the US, or other countries from a fairly substantial list. They also offer many different numbers for each country, so you’ll never be short on choice. The great thing about AnonymSMS is that it is TOTALLY free! You won’t even need to put your bank card details in. As if that was not enough, there is also no need to register or enter any of your personal details. Incredibly, they add new numbers everyday, which means no lags, delays or any chance of a number becoming overused.

Privacy seems to be super important to them. That’s why you’re able to choose a number and use it to receive your SMS without having entered any of your personal information or bank details. After all, the whole reason people look to receive SMS online in the first place is to protect their privacy, right?

Protect Your Privacy Online

Using your personal number to sign up for online services and apps unfortunately does very little to protect your privacy. As soon as you press submit, you’re basically adding your number to a database for sales and marketing. We all know how annoying such correspondence is: a text here, a call there. Most of the time, the products they’re offering are of no interest to you, and end up being a real hassle.

Furthermore, don’t forget that every time you use your personal number, it acts as the link in the chain between all of your other digital accounts. This can not only be an invasion of privacy, but can also prove to be unsafe. It’s for these two reasons that many choose to receive SMSs online. It totally eliminates the risk of being contacted for marketing purposes, and means you will no longer leave a trace of your activity online.

Use For Any & All Online Services

Whatever service you’re trying to sign up to, regain entry to or use, you can use a number from AnonymSMS to do so. With so many new numbers added all the time, you’ll be sure to receive your message within seconds. The great thing about this being based entirely online is that you’ll never have to worry about mobile signal strength to receive your message! Check out AnonymSMS today to receive your SMS for free.

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