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September 15, 2022

3 Ways to Elevate Your GMB Profile and Stand Out from the Crowd

The internet has changed the world in some pretty substantial ways. Over the last two decades, everything from finding a cooking recipe to getting directions to a new coffee shop has changed drastically. From the comfort of a person’s personal cell phone, they can do things like pay bills, apply for jobs, and stay connected with friends and family all over the world.

While these changes have largely been for the better, they have not come without their fair share of challenges. One area that has been deeply impacted by a plethora of new, exciting possibilities, but also a fair amount of challenge is that of marketing. Marketing has never been so extensive, innovative, and open to possibilities as it is in the modern digital age - but it’s also never been more challenging. While more and more people have access to resources that allow them to start their own businesses, and the internet has broadened the market on a truly global level, the ability for a company to stand out from the crowd has never been harder.

With so much messaging and so much access to information, consumers are simultaneously more powerful than they have ever been as well as more overwhelmed. This is where knowing how to use the digital age in a way that promotes a business or brand to increase visibility is key. Finding meaningful ways to bring visibility to a company and connect a consumer to a brand may be challenging, but it’s not impossible.

Yes, the internet has brought a sense of challenge to this task, but it’s also brought a lot of exciting opportunities. There are more ways than ever to connect with customers like using Google Ads agencies to run successful campaigns or social media for viral marketing. One of the most popular tools that businesses use in order to gain visibility to potential customers, is GMB.

What is GMB?

GMB stands for Google (News - Alert) My Business and is a term that describes the experience that a potential customer has when they specifically Google a particular business. Now, you may be thinking - if the customer is already Googling the business - isn’t this more than half the battle? Well, yes and no. On the one hand, it’s a plus that the potential customer has already been reached with the information necessary to Google a business - but it’s at this point that the rubber meets the road.

The most important aspect of gaining new customers and creating loyalty in existing customers is experience. When someone Google’s a business, this is the very beginning of their customer experience, and in a world with so much advertising, messaging, and opportunity - this first impression is crucial!

This is why knowing how to use GMB tools to make this initial touch point with customer success is so important. By creating a great customer experience out of a Google search, a business is moving toward securing a potential customer into an actual customer.

So how can you make your GMB profile something that stands out from the crowd and actually accomplishes your goal of customer acquisition? Here are 3  tips to keep in mind!

1.Solidify Your Goal!

Marketing is complex and it takes a lot of moving pieces to make a successful marketing campaign work. In all aspects of marketing - the very first step is always going to be solidifying your goal. When it comes to setting up your GMB profile - this is no different!

If your goal is to get people to walk into a brick-and-mortar location, or if your goal is to have a customer come through a drive-through window - then your GMB profile should reflect this.

2.Double, Triple Check the Basics

When it comes to setting up a profile, it’s all too easy to forget simple basics. Is your address correct? Are your hours of operation actually accurate? Does the link to your website work and is the phone number accurate? This might seem a little too basic - but small mistakes in these areas can have a very negative effect on a potential customer.

One easy way of checking all of this is having a friend simply Google your business and test it all out!

3.Branding is Still Important

Remember the last time you Googled a business? Did you see a brand that you recognized or a picture of a store front that affirmed you were looking at the right building? If you had a good experience, then most likely the answer to these questions was yes. For your business, make sure your GMB profile is up to date with a crystal clear picture of your business, and a high-quality representation of your logo.


Simplicity and clarity go a long way when it comes to making your GMB stand out. If a customer is already to the point that they are googling your business, then affirm their expectations with clear, precise information. Following these three three easy tips, you can set your GMB profile apart from the crowd and start strong with your customer experience!

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