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August 29, 2022

Business Text Messaging is Booming - 6 Reasons Why

Text messages are still relevant. And their relevance is growing.

According to a survey by SimpleTexting, the number of businesses using text messaging marketing has jumped 27% from 2021 to 2022. Moreover, in 2022, more than half (55%) of businesses surveyed use business text messaging and 60% of business owners said they plan on increasing their SMS marketing budget this year.

“Because text messages appear on people’s mobile phones, they feel more personal than other kinds of marketing,” said Lucas Wilson, chief revenue officer of EZ Texting (2017-2019). “Texting allows businesses to do many of the things that traditional media does … without having to invest in extra hardware, labor, printing, or media buys.”

This blog elaborates on the reasons why there's a boost in adopting text messaging marketing amongst businesses.

6 Reasons Why There's a Boost in Business Text Messaging

Here are the main reasons why more businesses are texting customers and prospects now:

1.Massive Open Rates

According to Pew Research, almost all Americans – 97% – now use a cellphone of some kind. The share of those that own a smartphone is now 85%, up from mere 35% in Pew (News - Alert) Research Center’s first survey of smartphone ownership conducted in 2011.

People check text messages more than other communication channels like email. Therefore, they are more receptive to SMS marketing. The opt-in rate for text message subscriptions increased from 62% in 2021 to 70% in 2022.

And the SMS click-through rates are much higher than email click-through rates. According to Gartner, up to 98% of text messages are opened. Emails have an average opening rate of 6% to 20%. So, in comparison, texting is highly effective to reach your audience.

Now since everyone uses mobile phones, and the majority of the users check their SMS notifications - businesses have upped their service SMS game.

2. Ease of Integration

Text messaging isn't just limited to plain text messages as a business text messaging software integrates with other third-party apps with plug-and-play ease.

They can integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) software, helpdesk software, ticketing software, live chat software, and more.

Some of the common third-party SMS integrations are as follows:

  • Internal Chat App SMS Integrations

  • Email-based Customer Service Platforms

  • OTT Messaging SMS Integrations

  • Document Systems

  • Voice Platform SMS Integrations

  • Cloud Call Centers

  • Mobile App SMS Integrations

  • Website and more.

3. Text Messaging for Business Is Cost-effective

Small to medium-sized business owners can benefit from business text messaging software because it is cost-effective.

Sending a text message is much cheaper than running an ad in front to acquire a prospect. Though prices of multiple software are different, but, in general, major platforms charge your business only a few cents each to send messages.

Moreover, bulk text messaging packages allow you to send a burst of hundreds or thousands of messages every month for a relatively low, flat rate.

Since with SMS marketing you can directly connect with engaged consumers in a personalized manner, the ROI is high.

4. Enhanced Customer Experience

One of the biggest benefits of text messaging for businesses is that it offers an excellent customer experience. Here are the multiple ways businesses can enhance the customer experience using the power of SMS:

  • More opportunities to communicate

Quite simply, business SMS allows you multiple opportunities to connect with your customers and give them positive experiences. Constant communication also leads to a better brand image.

  • Personalized communication

Since SMS marketing is highly targeted and SMS marketing software helps leverage data - it allows businesses to send personalized texts to prospects and customers. And we know that personalization in marketing is one of the most loved features by the customers.

  • It's non-intrusive

Unlike cold calling, emailing and even PPC ads - text messages are non-intrusive as no action from the customers is required when they receive communication, nor does it cause any inconvenience. For instance, spam emails take up inbox space.

  • It's convenient

The best business text messaging software offers two-way functionality giving the customers the convenience of being able to reply to a business text whenever they want. It is also convenient for agents as they don't need to reply to queries immediately (more on this later).

5. Boosts Sales

With enhanced customer experience, consistent reaching out and better brand awareness, and personalized communication – bulk text messaging has been a guaranteed way to increase customer acquisition along with customer retention and customer lifetime value.

But that's not all. SMS marketing can offer multiple opportunities to boost sales.

Through SMS marketing you can:

  • Send multiple sales-related messages.

  • Send offers, coupons, and discounts.

  • Upsell and cross-sell using the data gathered by CRM or SMS marketing software.

  • Allow text-to-buy for instant checkout, which is becoming a trend, especially among Generation Z customers. 

6. Improves Agent Efficiency

The benefits of service SMS are not just limited to your customers. They are highly beneficial for your sales and support agents as well.

Live customer support communication channels like voice call and live chat can require your agents to invest a significant amount of their time in one task. This makes them inefficient because there are avenues like text messaging that can allow them to multitask - and not indulge in a long-drawn-out conversation.

Since text messaging is asynchronous, agents can take up multiple conversations at a time. With text messaging they can handle multiple conversations in the time they would have been able to deal with one without messaging. That’s increasing their efficiency multi-fold.

To Sum Up

Text messaging is relevant even now because it feels more personal and less intrusive to prospects and customers. Text messaging for business is extremely beneficial for businesses looking to boost sales, acquire customers and offer excellent customer service -- all of which cost-effectively.

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