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August 18, 2022

How to Ensure Security for Your Electric Mountain Bike - A Complete Guide

Mountain bikes can be pretty expensive, especially if they are electric bikes. The cost of electric mountain bikes can range from $1200 to $9000. It is not that insignificant that you can take the bike’s security lightly.

There are many cases of theft of both e-bikes and traditional bikes, with better quality, specialized, or higher priced bikes, such as electric mountain bikes, the risk of them getting stolen increases.

Therefore, once you have made your purchase of a mountain bike, the next thing you need to think about is the security of the bike.

Invest in a Good Quality Lock

A cheap, low-quality lock will not suffice for your bike. A good lock is vital for e-bikes or customized bikes, such as the ones available from Specialized Mountain Bikes. You need to invest in a good quality lock for such exclusive quality bikes. Although good locks come at a higher price, they are more effective.

There are many types of locks available for bikes. However, not all of them will work for your bike. Generally, there are u-locks, chain locks, cable locks, disc brake locks, and wheel locks.

U-locks will not work as you cannot lock them with trees. You might need to lock your mountain bike with trees very often. Cable locks can be good but are also not the most effective. A thief can cut the cable quite easily. Wheel lock and disc brake locks are mainly secondary locks for additional security.

Chain locks can work the best. However, you need to ensure that the chain is thick and of good quality so it is not easy to break or cut the chain.

Consider Security of Components of Your Bike

Even if you lock your bike, the chances of separate components getting stolen still remain. For e-bikes, the components are also very valuable, and losing them can ruin the purpose of having an e-bike.

Battery, motor, pedal, lights, wheels, etc., can be stolen individually. Individual components of e-bikes have resale value, and thieves might try taking them if they cannot take the entire bike.

Unfortunately, there is nothing much to do to secure individual components of the bike. Apart from using several locks, you can take the detachable components of your e-bike—for example, the lights, display, battery, etc.

However, there has been a solution called the gravity lock system. It lets you open or unscrew components of the bike while the bike is in an upside-down position. Therefore, if your bike is locked in place, it is very difficult for thieves to steal components of the bike unless they can easily unlock the bike in the first place.

Choose the Right Parking Spot

Although it does not guarantee that parking in the right place can stop theft, most people who lose their bikes often make the mistake of parking their bikes in the wrong places.

  • The rule of thumb is to park in crowded places or allocated parking spots. Thieves are less likely to risk stealing something when many people are in the surroundings.
  • Park in places covered by surveillance. Entrances of buildings or shops, parking lots that are under CCTV surveillance, try parking your bike in such places.
  • E-bikes have become a popular way of commuting; many places are accommodating with bike cellars. It is better to park in the cellars rather than in some corners or lanes.
  • At night, try parking your bike in places with sufficient light. It is more likely to get stolen from dark places.
  • Sometimes, stealing can be preplanned. Try to be unpredictable with your parking if there aren't any good enough parking spots. Try parking in different places.
  • No matter where you park, make sure to use locks for your bike.

Install GPS Tracker on Your Bike

You can use a GPS tracker to track your bike's location or movement. Although this is a developing technology, it can still be helpful to some extent.

Some GPS trackers use a sim card that has to be installed on the bike. Using your smartphone, you can know the location of your bike. You can also know the proximity of the location. The downside is that you will lose signal or the bike location when your bike is in a location with no network coverage.

Some tracker systems alert you when any movement is occurring with your bike. They will send you an alert message and set off alarms. Some trackers use Bluetooth, so they work only in close proximity.

Many e-bikes have built-in trackers. With the expanding e-bike market, tracker technology is also developing. Manufacturers are trying to incorporate tracking systems with their e-bikes that will be beneficial in any circumstances.

Have Your Bike Information

In case of theft, you need to give the details of your bike to the police. In that case, you must know every detail of your bike. Sometimes, the seller gives all the information about the bike. Otherwise, you should have everything written somewhere about your bike.

You should know the brand and model name of the bike, frame size, frame number, color, value, any special feature, code, insurance, locks, etc. It is more like creating a passport for your bike. You can create that using several apps too. Having every detail of your bike can make it easier to find it.

Have an Insurance

Even after taking all the necessary measures, there is still a possibility of your mountain bike getting stolen. Therefore, you should consider getting insurance for your bike. It is essential for specialized and expensive bikes. There are a few possible options for insurance based on where the bike has been stolen. You can choose your preferred one depending on your riding routine and available facilities for bikes. Moreover, insurance can be beneficial for other damages or accidents as well.

To Sum Up

There is no foolproof way to avoid theft. Regarding parking, some places are safer, yet you should never let your guards down. You should always stay alert while you park your bike outdoors for a long time.

The key is to use multiple methods of protection and security for your bike. So, use as many methods mentioned above as you can. The more time-consuming and difficult the process of stealing becomes, the possibility of your bike getting stolen becomes lower.

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