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August 12, 2022

How to Expedite an EB5 Investment

If you're looking to invest in the EB5 program, then expediting an EB5 investment is a great way to move things along quickly in your favor. However, expediting an EB-5 investment is a more complicated process than most people realize.

While administrative hoops must be jumped through, expediting your application allows you to receive a decision on approval or denial within months, unlike the many years it could take to get your green card if no expediting is done.

Here are some helpful tips on how to expedite an EB5 investment approval.

Assess your eligibility for the EB5 program

Much like it is with maintaining the critical elements of being a good CEO, you should dedicate a lot of focus to determining if an EB5 investment is a good fit for you — especially since it isn’t a cheap route to citizenship. In fact, the most common mistake that people make when applying for an EB5 investment is not knowing their eligibility.

So, if you have a good reason to believe that you meet the eligibility requirements for the EB5 program, then you should start the process immediately. But if you're not sure of your eligibility and want to make sure, then it's best to take some time and research it yourself.

Start Early

If you want to make sure your EB5 investment is approved, it's important to start early. The sooner you file your petition and get the green light from USCIS, the faster you'll get your investment project up and running.

But don’t wait until the last minute! You should plan and submit your petition six months before your planned departure date. A backup plan is also a good idea if something goes wrong with your EB5 investment.

The sooner you apply for an EB5 visa, the less waiting time there will be for you. Likewise, the earlier you apply for your EB5 investment visa, the less time there will be between when you submit your application and when it is approved or denied. That will make it easier for everyone involved in this process.

Hire A Consulting Service With Experience Working in the EB5 Space

The best way to expedite your EB5 investment is by going through an agency that specializes in helping foreign nationals get accredited with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Of course, this is the most critical aspect of the process, but there are plenty of resources on platforms like to get you started on the right foot.

The agency is known for being strict, and if you don’t have a lawyer who knows how to navigate its rules, you could be caught off guard by a surprise inspection or worse. Your attorney should be able to answer all your questions regarding the EB5 program and how it works.

If any questions remain unanswered, your attorney should be able to refer you to someone who can help you get answers quickly.

Your attorney should also be able to guide you through the process of applying for an EB-5 investment visa and explain each step so that you know what is expected of you when applying for this type of visa.

Focus on Qualified Projects Only

In order to expedite an EB5 investment, it is crucial to focus on qualified projects only. Qualified projects are those that serve an urgent humanitarian need or investments of direct and compelling interest to the US government.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) defines a "humanitarian project" as one that will provide "an immediate benefit to the community in which it will be located." In order to qualify for expedited processing under the EB5 program, the proposed project must meet these criteria:

  • Be directed at benefiting the community in which it is located.
  • Be a new enterprise with no substantial history of similar activities.
  • Have a unique contribution to make to its region or country.
  • Be able to create or retain jobs for United States citizens.

Apply for Expedited Processing

The next step after getting your EB5 investor visa after you’ve successfully invested in a qualified project is to apply for expedited processing. That means you must submit a form I-829 request to the USCIS to expedite an EB 5-related petition.

Form I-829 is used to request an expedite of the EB-5 investment petition. It is filed with the USCIS online and should include all relevant information regarding your case file for your approved green card application. You must also submit the application along with a cover letter to the USCIS Regional Service Center, where your petition will be filed.

The USCIS will accept a Form I-829 request to remove conditions on your EB5 investment visa only if you have already begun the process of obtaining your EB-5 investor visa via the I-526 petition. If you have not begun the process, then the application for expedited processing is not valid and will be rejected by the USCIS.


Whether you're an individual investor looking for direct beneficiaries or planning on developing a large-scale project, this visa program can provide you with endless opportunities within the United States.

By working with EB5 experts and following the suggestions above, you can fast-track your way through the EB5 process. In addition, doing so will help ensure that your EB5 investor petition is smooth and successful, leaving you free to focus on all the other essential facets of starting up a business and contributing to America's continued economic growth.

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