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July 06, 2022

How Does Product Packaging Influence Customer Behaviour

How Does Product Packaging Influence Customer Behaviour

How does product packaging influence customer behaviour? It's all about how the customer sees your brand, and how he or she feels about it. To help you understand this better, here are the three main ways in which package design impacts consumer behavior, along with some examples to illustrate the point.

Leaves a First Impression on Customers’ Psyche:

Unboxing videos are huge on YouTube (News - Alert). These videos feature everything from electronics to food and capture people as they tear through packaging, open boxes and ooh and aah over every little detail of their new product. It’s a trend that has no signs of slowing down, even after millions of people have seen a Zippo lighter unboxed more times than they can count. The psychology behind why we love unboxing videos is based in nostalgia.

Attracts Buyers:

Atlantic retail packaging knows that product packaging can be a deal-maker or deal-breaker, with almost a quarter of shoppers admitting to buying products purely because of their packaging. However, few people actually realise just how much effect it has on their decision making. Marketing companies have long been aware of its influence, and for good reason; research shows that over 90% of consumers say packaging is an important factor in deciding whether to buy a product or not.

Synchronise with Customers’ Immediate Needs:

Although it may seem obvious, make sure you know what your customer needs from your product, and why they need it. If a buyer has an immediate need for a security camera to use in their home or business, then their primary buying decision will be based on features like video quality, night vision and two-way audio. However, if they are looking to install cameras across a mall or large office building, then these same key features may not matter as much.

Affects the Final Decision of The Buyers:

Is packaging really that important? Yes, absolutely! It is one of the few things we see when making a purchase decision. What do you want your buyer to think? How do you wish to influence him or her? In order to answer these questions, it’s essential to research what others are doing and then develop packaging that complements your product, but also helps market it in an outstanding way.

Triggers Certain Emotions in Customers:

A study from Northwestern University examined how different types of packaging influence consumer behavior. The researchers found that consumers perceive packages with a horizontal orientation as being heavier than they actually are, and individuals judge vertical packages to be lighter than they actually are. These misperceptions translate into differences in consumer behavior. For example, when confronted with a heavy object (whether real or imagined), people will unconsciously move their body to compensate for what they perceive as an imbalance.

Invokes Anticipation of Customers:

The packaging of an item is one of many factors that customers consider when deciding whether or not to buy it. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of studies on how packaging affects customer’s perception and purchasing behaviour. For example, research indicates that customers are often attracted to products because of their appearance. Red and black packaging can be seen as a sign of danger or excitement respectively, both influencing potential customers in a positive way. Even certain smells are capable of changing people’s behaviours.

Develop a Spontaneous Urge to Buy:

A good product package design is one that attracts your attention as you casually walk past a shelf at a store. This spontaneous urge to buy is what product package designers try to manufacture in consumers. Designers need to understand how we react unconsciously to visual information, and make their packaging effective enough to demand our attention even when we aren’t in search of a particular product. Here are some common ways of triggering our psychological instincts with packaging design

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