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July 05, 2022

Ways Technology Changed WSOP

You may have heard of it, played it, or seen it on TV. Even if you have never faced an opponent, you have probably used the phrase “bluff” or “poker” before. It doesn’t matter the knowledge you have; poker is truly taking the world by storm.

Statistics show that more than 60 million people from the USA and 100 million globally play poker. As you can see, poker is gaining popularity year by year. But can you rewind poker 30 years ago? It was never a sport. The question is, what has revived poker’s popularity?

The simple answer is technology. Technology is shaping the way we live our life. And technology in online gambling is nothing short of spectacular. This article will be all about the birth of poker and how technology has led to the rise of World Series of Poker.

Technology revamping poker from darkness into the light

Over the past couple of years, poker has been a dying sport, paving the way for roulette, blackjack, and slots. As the internet grew popular, it gave poker a new fresh life. We applaud the developers for creating a way poker can be played on decks using random number generators (RNG).

 And this is indeed what changed the sport. Then, online poker websites started to evolve. By the 90s, poker had already won many people's hearts, with several players contesting free-play games. In 1998, players from all walks of life had access to the game, including the tough critics who didn’t live near the poker room.

Later, the payment options were included in poker to see the integrity of the game. Eventually, poker revived, and the star aligned very fast. In one year, poker generated about $1 million in revenue.

Over time, several new poker websites have emerged, replacing the old ones. The site focuses on using advanced technology to improve the quality of gaming. And this has helped to attract new players into the industry.

 These websites offer free tutorials and guides to make these players feel comfortable while enjoying poker. This will help players learn the rules and skills of poker.

Poker boom

The poker boom was a period when poker exploded in popularity online. This is between 2003 and 2006. There are a lot of factors that led to the rapid rise of poker, and one of them is after Chris Moneymaker, a poker amateur who beat pros and won the WSOP main event. Moneymaker became a great inspiration for many and online websites quickly welcomed a wave of beginners from all parts of the world.

Another important factor in poker started to be broadcasted to millions of people across the globe. In the USA, WSOP has been broadcasted on TV since 1978. But the involvement of the world's popular channel, ESPN coverage, increased the love for poker, making it an exciting game to watch.

Poker tournaments soared deep, and popular shows like Late Night Poker and Poker After the Dark were created to help popularize the sport.

Global expansion

Between 2006 and 2013, WSOP decided to pursue global opportunities. As a result, it held the first tournament in 2007 at London. In 2010, it moved to South Africa.

In 2015, WSOP launched an international circuit in Canada, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean. These events combined to create a global interest, strengthening WSOP as the most popular tournament in the world.

Introduction of fast and reliable payment methods

As credit cards and other fast payment options continue to tout the financial industry, WSOP is also adapting to these methods as a way of gaining a competitive advantage.


One of the best features that shot WSOP up is livestreaming. WSOP had the big time to gain popularity when it was aired by ESPN (News - Alert). If people cannot watch live sports, there are different ways to live stream games on portable devices such as phones and tablets. This has seen an increase in popularity because of its ease of accessibility.

WSOP mobile apps

As the technology keeps evolving, poker also continues to benefit. Computers and the internet were more convenient than walking to the poker rooms. In 2012, the introduction of mobile phones and tablets into poker made it even more convenient.

Mobile poker has also changed the way players get quick access online. Better still, it has opened up new markets for online poker websites. The invention of mobile apps also contributed great to the rise of popularity in WSOP.

Mobile apps are fantastic, offering convenience and maximum comfort for discerning players. With WSOP apps, there is no need to walk into a casino room. Relax in your house and participate in tournaments without any distractions.

All you need is a stable internet, which of course, you can use for free on some Wi-Fi networks. The apps are also designed with every player in mind, thanks to developers. They can now be accessed on mobile devices and tablets. With apps, you can bet and play anytime, anywhere.

Poker Tournaments

WSOP has incredibly attracted many players from all over the world, offering many poker tournaments worth millions of dollars. Players of WSOP now have an exciting opportunity to access a combined service for players in different states.

There are old bracelet events in which players may want to participate. The world championship expected to start in July has seen many players warming up in preparation for this main event.

The bottom line

As you can see, poker is not only popular but a part of the cultural fabric. And the evolution of WSOP is the epitome of success in the casino industry. Thanks to technology, it changed all.

 One of the biggest achievements of the last decade is the mobile technology, which has made WSOP more accessible to many people. While we don’t know how technology will change WSOP in the future, there is no doubt that the industry will keep using it to make poker more fun, convenient and accessible.

 All in all, WSOP is now a real hit and many people want to be the future Moneymaker.

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