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June 30, 2022

An Exponential AI On A Quest To Deliver Marketing Solutions To The Businesses

On a global scale, the market revenue for Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly and is expected to surge till 2027. IDC (News - Alert), the market research firm evaluated that the global AI market will surpass half a trillion dollars by the year 2024. As per a survey of marketers worldwide, 32% of respondents utilize AI with marketing automation for paid advertising, personalized emails, messages, and offers. 22% of respondents utilize AI for product and content recommendations. 

The figures demonstrate the influence of AI on worldwide businesses, which is expected to  reach approximately 4 trillion U.S. dollars. 

The data above demonstrate the need of incorporating AI into businesses and augmenting it with machine learning solutions for optimal business outcomes.

Mutt Data fathoms the imperativeness of AI in businesses and focuses on assisting startups and large organizations in curating, building, and implementing machine learning solutions. Ranging from beating the competition by utilizing the latest technology and exceptional practices, Mutt Data emerges as a single tech organization to deliver these services with an aim to bridge the gap in the market. This step will enable businesses to find solutions to complex problems and situations, and increase business value. In addition, Automated Marketing Mix Model and Modern Data Stack are additional features that add to the brilliance of the services provided.

The Automated Marketing Mix Model assists in understanding the wide market experience and analogies utilized by Mutt Data. Revisiting and learning from past campaigns' performance and evaluating future execution, this model estimates to deliver a practical budget that assures maximum results on investments. Solving market problems for industries and organizations, the model will deliver pragmatic solutions with minimal spending without the inculcation of hindrances. Understanding the vitality of allocating market budgets, Mutt Data manages it with efficiency and professionalism.

Another significant feature incorporated is Modern Data Stacks, which enables advanced analytics, self-service feature, individual usability, and cost-effectiveness to the organizations. With a focus on building an analytical system for the organizations, this combination of technologies works with Data Stack prominently. Working with an outstanding team of engineers, Cloud Architects, and DevOps experts with years of experience, data stacks developed and strives to meet business requirements as per the particular business requirement. The elite technology integrated assisted in executing Deep Learning models, which solve Computer Vision related setbacks. 

Mutt Data, an AI and Machine Learning is a staggering and upcoming future of organizations. The co-founders of Mutt Data state, “Mutt Data started off as a group of Nerds who liked solving complex problems using real Artificial Intelligence to automate processes. Today we have grown leaps and bounds, but the same motivation remains.” 

With more than 3 years of work experience in developing and applying A/B testing and 5+ years of utilizing Apache airflow, Mutt Data has incorporated AI solutions in multiple industries. These industries are Gaming, Pharma, Education, Fintech, AdTech, E-commerce, and Telecommunications. Mutt Data is also an Amazon Select Consulting Partner and is on the brim of acquiring the market tenfolds. 

Creating a pathway for itself, Mutt Data has undertaken innumerable successful projects with organizations such as  ClassDojo, Sirum, MercadoLibre, Uala, Etermax, Ank, Claro (News - Alert), Naranja to name a few. The vast hands-on experience delivers AI-driven businesses with automation solutions. Implementing data stacks and delivering customized Automated Marketing Mix Modelling systems, Mutt Data is an excellent platform to inculcate its remarkable services in businesses. 

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