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June 27, 2022

Top Tools for Your AppSec Pipeline in 2022

The majority of businesses typically create a diverse range of programmes or products, which may be employed either internally or sold to clients located in other locations. A wide variety of deployment pipelines are currently under development to release the codes, patches, and other fixes necessary to address vulnerabilities discovered in these products. The vulnerabilities may have been caused as a result of incorrect reasoning or the code not being thoroughly validated before being deployed.

As a result, it is absolutely necessary for patches and codes to be checked for accuracy and reviewed before being put into production. It is of the utmost importance to ensure that both the code and the pipeline are adequately protected. In this article, we will go through a few of the various technologies that can assist you in securing not only the Appsec Pipeline but also the code that is being deployed.

Mend for Complete AppSec

When it comes to the protection of applications and source code, a wide variety of tools is at your fingertips. However, it is only practical if you can put all your eggs in one basket, as this will reduce the amount of configuration and installation needed.

Mend is made up of a variety of tools, such as Mend SAST and Mend SCA, that will assist the organization in controlling and detecting faults in both their own source code and in the open source components. These tools will be of great use to the company. In addition to this, it comes with a tool that protects against threats to the supply chain of software and ensures that it continues to run smoothly. As a result, it is the complete set of components that an organization must have to protect itself.

OWASP Threat Dragon for Threat Modeling

When an organization's infrastructure is composed of many different softwares, services, and devices, this is referred to as having a "complex" infrastructure. In most cases, the risk is increased due to these technologies as they might not be managed properly. Therefore, threat modeling should be the first step in the security process. It contributes to the design of the application and provides developers with an idea of the kinds of security threats that could potentially affect their application. This enables developers to take preventative measures while they work on the application or software.

OWASP Threat Dragon is a free and open-source tool for threat modeling that can be accessed and utilized either through a web application or an installable version for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

SonarQube for SAST

Some organizations that deploy a lot of code, constantly adding new features and vulnerability fixes to their software. As a result, they require a tool for auditing the source code to ensure that inappropriate code containing a vulnerability should not be distributed.

SonarQube is a tool for analyzing source code that is available for free. However, there are also commercial levels available for businesses. Static code analysis is something that SonarQube performs, and it then delivers a full report on any flaws, code smells, vulnerabilities, and code duplications it finds. Thus, it may be utilized without much difficulty to detect and fix the vulnerabilities that exist within the source code, thereby ensuring that the organization will not deploy the flawed code into production. It also performs reviews of already deployed codes to spot vulnerabilities.


These days, ensuring the safety of a company and its assets is of the utmost importance owing to the fact that the company deals with a wide variety of data, some of which may contain PIIs. As a result, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the organization's whole infrastructure is protected. Whether it is code or devices, the reason why an organization employs various types of tools is because it helps them automate a variety of tasks, which in turn helps the business expand its security. The tools that we have discussed are now required by each and every business, and provide very positive results when used correctly.

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