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June 22, 2022

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Cryptocurrency on WhiteBIT

Want to know the way to get started to sell crypto easily? We have got you covered! Read this article to know all the key points of starting to trade on WhiteBIT.

How to sign up on WhiteBIT?

To buy cryptocurrency on WhiteBIT and use its complete set of instruments, you must register. It takes just a couple of minutes. You should click “Sign up” and fill out the form. Then confirm the account creation via the code sent to your e-mail.

Identity verification: why is it important?

Once you finish the registration, it’s time to move on to identity verification. You need it to assure the safety of your account and digital currencies. Moreover, it protects you from money laundering. Finally, as soon as you pass the verification, the withdrawal limit will grow up to 100 Bitcoins daily and allows you to withdraw and replenish state currency.

First, you need to click the Account sign and open the Verification tab, put the required data, upload the document’s photo, and then send your photo with it. That’s all. Verification is completed. Now we can move on to the next point.

Account security set up

We advise you to add two-factor authentication (2FA) and anti-phishing to get extra protection for your assets. If you use 2FA over a password, it’s not required to put the code received via SMS or scan your fingerprint.  It also makes it more challenging for other people to access your account. Besides, you will get a notification if somebody attempts to do it.

To add the 2FA protection, download the Google (News - Alert) Authenticator app on the gadget, and sign in to the account via PC. Then you should select “Security”, find the 2FA section, and scan the QR code via the application or enter it by hands. The last thing to do is add the WhiteBIT tab to the application and put the code.

Now, that’s it. 2FA is activated.

Deposit options

A deposit is a replenishment of any currency on the Main Balance. You can top up your balance with more than 126 crypto and 4 fiat currencies. Notice that there are some deposit fees. Find detailed information about them on the Fee Schedule page.

It’s possible to replenish the balance using a bank card. Both debit cards and credit cards are suitable for it. To do it, you should open “Main balance”, select the desired currency, payment method, the sum you are going to replenish, and press “Request”. Then follow your payment system guide.


As you can see, using the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange is much easier than you could imagine. Make sure that you complete all these steps and enjoy trading!

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