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May 31, 2022

Tips For Finding The Best Car Rental Deal

Travelers have recently discovered the benefits of a car hire when touring a foreign country. Opting for car hire instead of public transportation offers numerous benefits. For instance, it allows you to explore even remote areas that public transportation cannot access.

Car rental also allows you to enjoy some privacy and flexibility and make the most of your trip. Car hire is also typically cheaper than public transportation. The trick is to choose a cheap car rental service. Some hacks can also help you find the best cheap car rental deals.

Take Advantage of Discount Brands

The easiest way to enjoy cheap car hire is by looking out for discount brands. Brands like Hertz, sixt, and Europcar are incredible discount brands. They offer car hire services at lower rates than some of the biggest rental companies. Opting for these brands will help you save some cash for other elements of your trip. While the discounts may seem small, they multiply with the length of your trip. Therefore, the longer your trip, the more money you can save.

Opt for Economy Cars

You can also rent cars for cheaper prices by going for economy cars. These cars are typically the cheapest and the best chance to save money on car rental. However, this does not mean you have to go for smaller cars. You can get an economy car large enough to accommodate your entire party. This way, you save cash and still enjoy convenience.

Stick to a Single Driver

Most rental companies charge extra cash when you add an extra driver when renting their cars. The extra cash usually differs depending on the location of your trip and the rental company. You can dodge these fees by sticking to a single driver. Some brands will also waive the extra charges if the second driver is a spouse or domestic partner. All you need is for the second driver to have the same address on their driver's license as yours.

Look for Membership Discounts

Car rental memberships come in a wide range of forms. For instance, if you are an AAA member, you can save money on car rental through Hertz. On the other hand, AARP offers you discounts with Avis, Budget, and Payless. You would benefit from researching the forms of membership discounts and how you can get them.

Ask About Available Promotions

When researching the various options, you can also benefit from asking about available promotions. This will help you find out how to save money, even if it is small. That small amount may help you splurge on a nice meal or a hotel room upgrade.

Do not Forget Your Insurance

One of the primary requirements to hire a car when traveling is insurance. The companies demand that you have insurance to cover potential damages from accidents and other unprecedented events. Driving in a foreign country with different driving rules and road conditions increases the chances of accidents and damage. Since you cannot give back a damaged rented car, you will be forced to spend extra cash on repairs. With insurance, you can avoid this. While some overseas car hire companies may allow you to use your primary car insurance for the rental car, most usually require you to purchase insurance. This requirement differs depending on the location and company.

Let go of the Extras

Rental companies make extra money by selling added roadside assistance and GPS navigation products. These features are essential for helping you navigate the new location. However, if you are not new to the destination and can do without the extras, you can forgo them and save some money.

Choose a Rental Company Near the Airport

You can enjoy better convenience by renting at the airport. For instance, traveling to Miami will benefit from a Miami International Airport (MIA) car rental company. This means not having the car delivered and incurring the added convenience costs. Additionally, you also have to look out for the airport surcharges. They usually differ depending on the airport, like MIA, and the rental company.

Don't Fall for the First Option

You can also get the best cheap car rental deals by looking at various options. More often than not, there are cheaper options beyond your first discovery. Therefore, it would be wise to research the available options and compare the features and costs. This will help you make a wise decision and uncover some deals to save cash.

Before trying out the hacks above, you first have to establish your budget. The budget will serve as the basis for the deals you look for. The trick is to include transportation costs in your overall travel budget. Do not forget to include parking costs in your budget.

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