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May 19, 2022

In Mind Cloud's CRM is Purpose-Built with Manufacturers in Mind

In a post-COVID world, every industry has seen the importance of digital transformation to cope with challenges, gain a competitive advantage and accelerate innovation. The manufacturing industry is no exception. According to the 2021 Digital Transformation Assessment study conducted by IBM (News - Alert) and The Manufacturer, 67% of manufacturers have invested in strategic digital transformation projects after COVID-19.

Digital transformation in manufacturing is a complex undertaking because of the sheer complexity of the industry itself. Nevertheless, manufacturers may use digital technologies to improve the efficiency of operations, increase production, reduce product-to-market time, decrease costs, ensure the quality of the goods manufactured, and most importantly provide a better buying experience for customers.

Today, most manufacturing companies have discovered that customer expectations have evolved with digital transformation. As a result, it's critical to engage with customers as digital equals. Digitization can help create a direct path to customers and drive meaningful interactions. As a result, manufacturers across industries are increasingly turning to digital CRM solutions to manage customer relationships.

However, most general-purpose CRM solutions are not designed to manage the multiple variables and long timelines of sales operations in manufacturing and engineering industries. That is because most off-the-shelf CRM solutions rarely integrate with every aspect of complicated manufacturing businesses and often isolate CRM functions. They focus exclusively on customer account management rather than the entire customer relationship, and as a result, fall short of the goal to maximize profitability.

Generic CRM solutions are created to attract any business to customer relationship management.  They fail to supply discrete manufacturers and their sales teams with the comprehensive data that helps them customize offerings, identify substantial opportunities to which resources should be directed, or empower sales teams to use CRM as a powerful selling tool.  Until recently, manufacturing business owners believe their CRM platform functions only as a way to digitally maintain customer data, such as names, addresses, and contact information!

In Mind Cloud's CRM platform: Purpose-built for manufacturing sales success

In Mind Cloud has created the only cloud-based CRM solution built on a comprehensive digital sales platform. This platform is purpose-built for manufacturing and engineering industries. In Mind Cloud’s CRM function is specifically geared to enable successful manufacturing sales outcomes with an intuitive, connected platform that empowers customers and sales teams alike. It turns the CRM function into a collection of powerful sales tools. The platform immediately improves sales efficiency by integrating every stage of the sales value chain from inbound sales lead to placing the customer order including continuous relationship management on one platform. It also enables manufacturers to manage customers and their needs across multiple channels.

In Mind Cloud's industry expertise and in-depth understanding of manufacturers' specific and critical requirements reflects in every aspect of the platform. It enables manufacturers to focus their resources and energies on what's important through a next-level Digital Sales Platform.

Next-level CRM tools for Manufacturers

Purpose-built CRMs such as In Mind Cloud's Digital Sales Platform provide extensive functionality. For example, teams can track leads and sales progress, maintain detailed information accessible through an easy-to-use sales cockpit and perform intelligent sales data analytics. Most importantly, it seamlessly integrates with a manufacturer's ERP in real-time to provide transparency into what the customer bought. This transparency also powers an intelligent guided selling feature that automatically recommends aftermarket products based on the customers’ installed base. Beyond these features, the platform enables users to add on several advanced tools explicitly designed to serve a manufacturer's unique customer needs.  

Meeting the evolving needs of customers

Manufacturers can now truly make it easier for customers at every stage in the buying process to maintain engaging relationships with customers and retain their loyalty and trust. While traditional-minded manufacturing companies may initially have been slow to buy into the benefits of digital CRM, sales reps at leading manufacturing companies worldwide have been quick to recognize the transformational benefits of In Mind Cloud’s Digital Sales Platform.

The platform is geared to meet customers’ needs from the first touchpoint to the aftersales experience and beyond.

Business success and the new role of CRM 

Manufacturing companies across the industry spectrum are pursuing profitability in a climate of growing global competition and heightened customer expectations. Setting clear business goals for your manufacturing company is a critical first step in adopting the right CRM solution to help you achieve those goals. It has been proven that knowing and managing your customer's journey from lead to fulfillment and after is an efficient way to enhance growth and profitability through repeat business and to retain customers long-term.

Digitizing and connecting the CRM aims to simplify all customer service efforts and touchpoints - offering customers the best possible experience while enabling manufacturers to focus on the most profitable opportunities. In other words, a CRM built for your manufacturing business should truly transform your customer's buying experience and the way you sell.

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