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May 13, 2022

Tech Tips for PC Gamers

If you’re one of the 1.75 billion people that play games on PC, you’ll be excited by the tips on offer in this guide. 

Gaming on PC is a lot of fun. Unlike consoles, you have the opportunity for customization, added security measures, and so much more. It’s a dreamland for people who love tech.

Want to learn more? Here are some top tech tips for PC gamers:

Only Play on Reliable Websites

When you’re playing games through your PC’s web browser, make sure that you only play on reliable and encrypted websites. This way, you can play knowing that your data and identity are secure.

Make sure that a gaming website has ‘HTTPS’ in the address bar, as it means the website is encrypted.

A good place to start is by trying online pokies Australia, which are proven to be safe and fun.

Also, don’t forget to browse your PC’s store for downloadable games, such as Fortnite and Among Us. Remember, though, downloadable games take up storage space fast – so make sure to invest in additional storage if you find that you don’t have enough.

Use a VPN

Another important tech tip is this: use a VPN.

In simple terms, VPNs help to keep your data safe and secure while browsing the internet and playing different games.

Some web browsers come with built-in VPNs for users. However, most don’t.

This is why it’s recommended that you download a VPN for maximum protection.

Turn Off Background Apps

On your PC, you likely have a ton of different apps running in the background. If you take a look at the taskbar, you’ll likely see this, whether it’s Facebook (News - Alert) Messenger, Instagram, or multiple web browsers.

When this is the case, you should turn them off while gaming so that you can experience a smoother playing experience.

On Windows, go to Settings > Privacy > Background Apps, and then turn off the apps that you aren’t actively using.

Disconnect Other Devices on the Same Internet Connection

When gaming on your PC, make sure to disconnect other devices – such as smartphones and tablets – from the same internet connection. This will help to prevent lag and possible input delay during loading screens and gameplay.

Upgrade Your Graphics Card

If you want your PC to perform better when it comes to gaming, you can take the step of upgrading your graphics card. You should notice faster gameplay, improved visuals, and less lag while playing, creating a much better experience.

Turn On Two-Factor Authentication

Whether you’re playing in-browser or through a downloaded game to your PC, make sure to turn on two-factor authentication when you log into your account.

Doing this will help keep your gaming accounts extra secure, meaning hackers are less likely to be able to get into them.

Usually, two-factor authentication will involve receiving an email or text message from the game company asking for a code. You’ll then enter this code before logging in – simple.

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