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May 11, 2022

Decoding the Future of Smartphones

There are a lot of rumours and a lot of talk about the future of smartphones. So we need to put them all under perspective and see to it that we are understanding everything. While technology has always brought in several changes, the trends that we are about to see might change things for good. 

So let’s learn all about them.

Are we going to see foldable phones?

Foldable phones might not have created the kind of impact that one would have expected them to. However, that hasn’t stopped developers from experimenting with these phones, at least to bring them on sooner rather than later.

Depending upon how phone companies navigate through the remaining years and how they perform, we might be able to see foldable smartphones enter the market. Moreover, they are also expected to be affordable because the previous attempt of launching them turned out to be expensive. 

Is over-the-air charging a possibility?

We might still be happy with wireless charging. But what if we could try over-the-air charging? As reported or at least based on a few rumours, we might get to see phones being charged by radio waves and thus invent something that will be better for the environment. 

Since this is only based on speculation, rumours or other stuff, it is best to wait for credible reports that give us some facts. 

More games for everyone?

Just like how the future of smartphones looks thrilling, so is the future of smartphone gaming. Developers have already seen a rise in numbers and thus are expected to bring in more games for the future.

The rapidly changing industry has games of different types and genres and every one among them is suited for the smartphone generation. From games that are constantly available at sites like to action-oriented games that we get to see at other popular sites, there seems to be a space for mobile gaming.

Will we see 6G?

Despite 5G not being available in all territories, we are now talking about 6G technology, which is for the future. It is known that Samsung (News - Alert) along with the University of California is testing early versions of 6G modems that could offer lightning-fast downloading speeds, about 50 times that of 5G devices.

While 6G will live up to be a technical challenge, through time, we believe that tech companies could rise to the challenge and achieve the impossible. However, it is still a long way ahead because everything from antennas to infrastructure needs to be built. 

Don’t you worry about ports, they might be gone

With smartphone brands already dropping the 3.5mm headphone jacks, it is just a matter of time before they are done with ports forever. With wireless being the new way forward, we could see smartphones bidding goodbye to all the ports that they once had.

Since wireless charging and Bluetooth earphones are already dominating the scene, one can already start imagining a smartphone that comes without ports of all kinds.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to become even more popular 

AI is already playing an important role in areas such as voice assistance, real-time language translation and more. So why wouldn’t it not play an even bigger role in the future, especially when it is set to become even more popular? 

AI is a safe bet for the future of smartphones because many are claiming it to be a hub where humans are met with the best of solutions. It is set to give us more than what we have expected because technology has always risen to a huge extent. 

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