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April 28, 2022

5 Ways To Increase Foot Traffic To Your Retail Store

Even though Amazon and other ecommerce stores like Alibaba are the number one places people do their shopping these days, brick-and-mortar retail stores still have a place in the industry.

Some people still like the physical shopping experience and prefer to visit a store in person rather than shop online. However, increasing foot traffic to retail stores is becoming increasingly difficult.

Competing with the targeted behavioral advertising online stores use is challenging to say the least. It requires clever strategies and persistence to increase foot traffic.

The following are some ways you can increase foot traffic through your retail store:

Increase Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is not only important in real estate. People judge things by the exterior, and they will judge your store in the same way.

Therefore, you should make your storefront more attractive, enticing customers into the store. One way to do that would be by using clear custom stickers.

Stickers from StickerYou can not only make your storefront more unique, but they could also carry an intriguing message that prompts passersby to walk into the store. Lighting and embellishments could also increase the store’s curb appeal.

Have Only In-Store Deals

As a retail business in 2022, you must have an online presence. However, you can use your online presence to promote foot traffic into your brick-and-mortar store. A great way to do that is to facilitate deals that customers can only enjoy in-store.

Such deals are a great option, especially for small businesses with limited resources but still want to grow. Even online shoppers will be forced to walk into the store to enjoy those deals. Any customer who wants to enjoy the in-store deal will come to the store and feel special for getting such a deal.

Turn Digital Engagement Into In-Store Engagement

Even retail stores must have an online presence, but they can leverage it to increase foot traffic in their physical stores. Businesses should first find the best tools to grow their online presence.

After developing a solid and consistent brand, you give online buyers a reason to visit your physical store. You may offer discounts, samples, and experiences that they cannot enjoy online.

Social media is the most potent tool in this regard. Convince customers to check in to your store via social media, and their friends or followers will see it and be curious.

Peer review sites like Yelp (News - Alert) could also be a big help when turning digital engagement into in-store engagement, as people often check reviews before visiting a location.

Improve In-Store Experience

You can improve your customer journey and sales funnel to improve the customer’s online purchasing experience. However, it is in the physical store that customer experience can make a significant difference.

If you want to increase foot traffic into your store, you will have to improve your in-store experience. Customer service should be the focal point of this, and customers should be glad they walked into your store even when they do not make a purchase.

Make their experience interactive and informative. Demonstrations and hands-on displays where customers can touch the merchandise are great ideas for a better in-store experience.

Create A Loyalty Program

If you want more customers to walk in through the doors of your retail store, create loyal customers. You should create a loyalty program that rewards customers for in-store purchases or even store visits.

Every time customers make purchases, reward them with store points or credit. If they make referrals or bring a friend, they get loyalty points. Brand loyalty is an interesting and robust aspect of business that you can leverage to increase foot traffic.

It is challenging in today’s world, given the convenience of online shopping for retail stores to increase foot traffic.

However, if you can improve your in-store experience, increase curb appeal, have only in-store deals, create a loyalty program and turn digital engagement into physical engagement, your store should be packed. Study your business and find creative ways to increase foot traffic.

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