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February 02, 2022

Top of the best gadgets that will be useful to every motorist

For many, the car serves not only as a means of transportation, but also by virtue of the profession as a "second home". However, despite even your favorite "iron horse", you always want to ride a car that you have been dreaming about for a long time, but you do not have the opportunity to purchase. Do not despair, because there is a way out of this situation. The Evolve car rental company provides a wide selection of cars of different levels and different price categories. For example, McLaren price in UAE is the most optimal here, and the service is also of high quality.

Many are afraid to rent a car or do not know how to do it. Read the article about the advantages and benefits of renting a car and all your doubts will be dispelled.

Driving a car is to some extent an unpredictable experience, which is influenced by a huge number of factors. To make it easier to control the car and make driving more convenient and safe, there are various auto gadgets. Here is the best selection of gadgets that can be a good purchase or a great gift for a car enthusiast.

Faraday's Bag

This is a smart modern gadget that will not allow modern hijackers and thieves to steal the code from the remote key. The gadget blocks GPS signals/Glonass/GSM/3G/4G/5G/Wi-Fi/BT (News - Alert)/NFC. That is, if you put a smartphone in this bag, then no one will be able to get through to it, and if a bank card– its data will not be able to be copied. Therefore, such things should be stored in a Faraday bag.

Start-up charger

Sometimes there are unpleasant situations when there is not enough energy in the battery to start the car. Most often this happens in winter mainly due to the influence of cold. If the problem arises far from populated areas and busy highways, the driver may face rather unpleasant consequences. Therefore, such a starter charger is necessary for your car, which will help start the engine if the charge suddenly runs out.


This device performs diagnostics on the machine and outputs the results to a mobile phone. Its functions include: resets on-board computer errors, analyzes sensor readings and monitors the current state of the car, also notifies about the warming up of the car, helps prevent accidents, keeps trip statistics, suggests how to save on fuel and much more. This device will help save you from expensive technical inspections.

Navigation display

If you want the instrument readings to be projected onto the windshield, you need a HUD display. It serves as both a smartphone holder and a screen that displays the information the driver needs, and also performs the function of a navigator. In fact, it is an advanced car phone holder. The phone itself at the same time lies in a strong case and is completely protected from any damage. And the image from it is projected onto a tempered glass screen. It is very convenient and safe.

Smart Visor

Such a device is recommended for drivers with poor eyesight, those who wear glasses or contact lenses. This device protects 100% from glare from headlights or the sun. It is easy to install and suitable for all car models.


Anyone who has ever driven a car knows that talking on the phone while driving is not just inconvenient, but also very dangerous. This can lead to an accident. In this case, speakerphones were created for the safety of drivers - car hands-free devices. This gadget syncs with a smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to answer calls almost without hands using speakers and a microphone. They are able to voice the names of the interlocutors or their phone numbers. Such a device is attached to any place in the car.

Mirrors of the "blind zone"

Even the most inexperienced driver knows that ordinary side mirrors do not give a full view of the space around the car. There is a so-called blind, as it is also called, "dead" zone, which is not displayed in the mirror. Therefore, engineers have created "blind zone" mirrors to expand the viewing angle to one degree or another.

Today, cars of the modern world are gaining wide popularity - electric cars that have various modern devices and built-in gadgets. But even for such cars, a selection of the above gadgets will be useful.

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