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January 18, 2022

Synatic's Hybrid Integration Platform: Modernizing Data Management and Software Integration is Crucial for Digital Transformation Success

The accelerated pace of digital transformation, incited in large part by the unexpected effects of the pandemic, has forced enterprises to shift their investments from fundamental to emerging technologies. Digital adoption has introduced a plethora of software, providing mountains of data every day, and it all requires management. Data is pure gold for an enterprise and data located in disparate and siloed applications and systems cannot be effectively mined for its benefits. A more agile and scalable infrastructure has become essential in order to meet the needs of a changing work paradigm.

Data literacy requires consolidation

Today’s enterprise needs to build a data literate culture. Across every department, users must develop the skills to interpret, work with, analyze and communicate with data. In order to be useful, and user efficient, numerous data silos must be consolidated and integrated. An enterprise’s digital transformation strategy can fail due to unreliable and ineffective data integration approaches. Data modernization and innovative integration technology are now imperative in order for the enterprise to extract valuable data insights and achieve productivity gains. On premise and legacy, tools cannot handle enormous volumes in a flexible and scalable manner. Data management strategies must eliminate time-consuming and costly processes for moving data. A more holistic and agile approach is needed to move data at the speed of change and promote data democratization.

Building a centralized data warehouse

ETL is a type of data integration that stands for Extract, Transform, and Load used to blend data from numerous sources and consolidate in a centralized data warehouse. Data platform modernization takes all of these different types, volumes, and sources of data and brings them into this unified environment. These agile and holistic platforms enhance and increase the democratization of self-service data access, outside of ITs purview. Modernized data integration processes impact the efficiency of every business department, from marketing, HR, and finance, to supply chain management. With centralized data, accessed readily in a user-friendly format, each department is empowered to support its strategies and solve critical problems.

Modernizing the enterprise integration landscape with iPaaS

Automation systems in the form of iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) have proven to be a game-changer in helping enterprises accelerate their digital transformation goals. These flexible platforms connect disparate apps and systems, synchronizing the data to improve operational workflows and increase data visibility for all users.

A true Hybrid Integration Platform, like Synatic, is built to enable ETL, Integration, API Management, and Data Warehousing in a single platform. In addition, the system comes with pre-built connectors and solutions and can be used to integrate apps and data that live on-premises and in any cloud. Beyond iPaaS, it can integrate and ETL any solution with an API, SDK, ODBC, or flat file capability. Its “super caching” feature and built-in data warehouse collate data together, distributing the right data, to the right person, at the right time.

This technology provides a nimble, simple, and powerful solution with infinite flexibility that allows for rapid modernization of application ecosystems. The process is as simple as dragging and dropping connectors and steps into a user’s workflow, without any need for programming knowledge, or any additional plug-ins. It eliminates information barriers and silos with a low code, no code, your code user process, delivering data integration, automation, and movement with incredible speed. Capitalizing on the latest cloud-based scalable technology, Synatic’s HIP supports an iterative approach. An enterprise can start small and scale up as needed, for constant positive improvement and rapid responsiveness to opportunities and innovation.

No one can deny the many benefits of accelerated digital transformation, especially in navigating the unexpected complexities of the pandemic. Unless strategic, flexible, and scalable integration platforms are employed to effectively harness and utilize the power of data, enterprises will not be able to successfully operationalize the information generated by myriad systems and devices. A Hybrid Integration Platform, like Synatic’s, will allow enterprises of any size to maximize the potential of their data gold. 

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» More TMCnet Feature Articles