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January 17, 2022

6 Reasons to Use Digital Signage in Your Smart Business Transformation

Are you working on transforming your business into a smart business? Thousands of business owners have started making changes in the office by adding smart technology to improve processes and foster better communication.

If you’re on a mission to transform your office and entire business with smart technology, you’ll find plenty of gadgets and cool software programs, but don’t forget about digital signage.

6 reasons to include digital signage in your smart transformation plan

1. Digital signage software is highly customizable

Integrating digital signage into your office is easy. You can get a digital signage package that comes with ready-made content and templates to display any visuals you wish. Digital signage templates are customizable and come with a variety of pre-made layouts.

You can also make your own design with widgets. For example, with widgets, you can place specific elements anywhere in your layout, including weather forecasts, traffic reports, images, video, and plain text.

With digital signage software, you can run a playlist for audio or video tracks and you can create a rotating image gallery. You can import social media feeds or display content from your website.

2. Customers want live interactions

With digital signage and a touchscreen display, you can facilitate live interactions with customers. You can place a display in your lobby, for example, that offers live help to customers who can’t find an associate on the floor. Or, if you’re a government organization, you can provide help to customers who might need translation services.

Live interactions don’t require an employee to be present in the store. You can hire a remote support team for your interactive displays, provided you have a smooth system for getting in touch with in-store employees when necessary.

3. Self-help kiosks are beneficial

Today’s customers want self-help options. This growing trend might be the result of declining customer service of the last decade, but regardless, self-help options will improve your sales and customer retention.

Whether or not it’s actually faster, it’s what customers prefer, which makes self-service options invaluable to your business.

Self-service kiosks also allow you to share a large amount of information in one place. With a touchscreen display, people can navigate through your content by tapping a button and search for what they want in the way they prefer.

For example, a touchscreen menu can be organized in various ways to allow the user to search and sort information in a variety of ways. Also, people are already used to using touchscreen devices, so using a self-service kiosk will be second nature.

4. Connect multiple teams for virtual meetings

For businesses with multiple teams, it’s not easy to hold a meeting that includes all team members. When you host a meeting in person, you have to choose who will attend from each department and that person will need to relay the important messages back to their team.

With digital displays, you can set up a virtual meeting system right in your own office. If you have multiple conference rooms, you can have entire teams attend meetings in their own conference room.

You can still select who attends the meeting, but you won’t be limited. Another benefit to hosting virtual meetings in your office is that as soon as people are no longer needed, they can leave the meeting without causing a disruption by walking through a room full of people.

Virtual meetings are also better for displaying visuals like graphs, charts, reports, and more. When you have 50 people packed into a small room, not everyone will be able to see the images on the screen. However, when each team has their own screen, they can sit closer and see more clearly.

5. Personalized interactions

Personalized marketing strategies are highly effective and will increase sales and improve customer relationships. Companies that start utilizing personalized marketing see a 6-10% growth rate.

That’s not surprising since 75% of consumers prefer to spend money with brands that personalize digital experiences. One effective method brands use is displaying personalized messages on a display after a consumer scans a QR code.

6. Communicate with remote workers

A digital display in your office allows you to communicate important messages to your in-house team members. You can also copy these messages to your company’s intranet for all of your remote workers to see.

Seamless communication between in-house and remote employees will help you create stronger teamwork, which ultimately leads to happier clients and customers.

Smart transformation is more than a remote-controlled coffee pot

Once you’ve equipped your office with smart devices and gadgets, the next step is to support your growth as a company. Digital signage has so much to offer in that regard.

Launching a smart transformation is a process that involves trial and error. When you first start using digital signage, you’ll start to see what works best to communicate and interact with your customers, clients, and employees.

Any smart technology you integrate into your business should produce some noticeable, measurable results in a short period of time. Even if it’s only a higher level of satisfaction, shorter wait times, or a few extra compliments from customers. You’ll notice little results right away, while the big results will come over time.

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