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December 08, 2021

Why More Parents Turn To Homeschooling And Online Learning

Although most public and private K-12 schools have reopened for the 2021-2022 school year, parents are reluctant about sending their kids back for in-person sessions. Despite new regulations to keep students safe and the development of vaccines for children five and older, it’s not enough to convince some parents that their children are in good hands. As a result, there’s been an increase in students being homeschooled or transferred to online schools.

These educational options for grade school students don’t come without challenges. Parents have to rearrange their schedules, consider job changes, or pay for their child’s education. Students also have adjustments to make, ranging from limited social interaction to comprehending digital platforms. So, why would a parent be willing to take on the added pressure? Continue reading to learn more.

Health And Safety

Child health and safety are among the top reasons that parents are turning to homeschool and online school options for K-12 students. Whether they choose to get their children vaccinated or not, there’s still a chance that they could contract and spread the coronavirus. Allowing them to learn from home reduces the chances of this happening as it’s a more controlled environment where parents can keep their kids safe.

More Educators

Students aren’t the only ones leaving in-person schools to remain safe; many teachers have left their districts to teach online. Parents that opt to enroll their children in online schools have more access to qualified educators with accredited teaching degrees and years of experience.

Better Schools

Beyond having access to top-notch educators, parents also have the option to enroll their children in better schools. As budgets and limited resources often restrict public schools, online schools have more funds and tools to provide higher quality education. As virtual learning also doesn’t require in-person visits, parents can choose from schools statewide as opposed to in their immediate neighborhood.

Personalized Experiences

Whether a parent decides to teach their children themselves or go to an online school, the learning experiences are more personalized. Class sizes are much smaller, enabling parents or educators to focus on student comprehension and education quality. As some school districts are starting to remove certain subjects from the curriculum, parents have more say-so on what their children learn.

Engaging Digital Content

Kids already spend a lot of time on tech devices and the internet. Ultimately, integrating that into their education provides significant benefits. Teachers and parents have a plethora of tools at their disposal to use to keep students engaged in the curriculum. From collaboration tools for team projects to online videos, tests, and interactive games, students have an easier time staying involved in their education while feeling connected to others. It’s a nice reprieve from the usual lectures, book readings, and worksheets used in traditional schools, which can be harder to understand.

College And Career Prep

Online universities are developing new degree and certificate programs all the time, and more companies are shifting to eCommerce platforms. The sooner children adapt to these platforms and concepts, the easier it is for them to transition as they get older. They’ll be well-equipped to utilize tech devices and digital platforms in college or at work. Learning these skills early on makes them viable candidates for universities and employers worldwide. Should they decide to go into business for themselves, they have the necessary technical experience necessary to navigate the virtual business climate.

The global health and economic crisis has resulted in a lot of changes for most American households. Such changes include the way children are taught. While vaccines and lower coronavirus rates provide a sense of ease, many parents have decided to make permanent changes to safeguard their children’s overall well-being. Options like homeschool and online schools offer an opportunity for students to learn in a safe environment during uncertain times. Although the transition does require some sacrifice, the list of advantages above should give you insight into why it’s worthwhile.

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