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December 06, 2021

How to Improve Customer Experience Through Sip Trunk?

As technology is becoming advanced, business models and requirements of businesses are also changing. Companies are now working on meg projects, more advanced than ever in record time. This all becomes impossible and useless without solid human resources. To make it possible companies offer an infrastructure that helps them improve the customer experience and productivity of their resources. This includes a central system that allows all the employees to work and communicate. Now reports are just one click away, and strategic planning is automated by software. When it comes to effective communication, companies are finally abandoning the traditional, ineffective, and messy method of communication. With the help of maintaining a central system for communication, everyone can easily communicate with multiple people at a time.

Although VoIP-based communication is on boom but with the use of VoIP you are letting a third-party system offer your services. In case something goes wrong will have to contact a third-party service provider to resolve this issue because you are relying on their infrastructure. With the help of cloud-based VoIP, you can save maintenance costs, but you lose control. On the contrary, the SIP trunk offers you control over the communication. It all comes down to the business models and what suits them best for the company. Here are some of the imperative ways SIP trunk will bolster the efficiency of your company.

Get It All Set Up

Imagine using the traditional phone and offering extensions and alternative numbers just so people can contact your company for help. It is more like finding a needle in the haystack. As the calls volume increases, it gets very difficult to handle calls for employees.

Save Time for Entry

SIP trunk offers a complete configuration of CRM with other software as well as a phone system that allows the customer representative to directly call the customer via software. This helps in reducing the call handling time as well as ensures that the call representative doesn’t have to waste time manually entering numbers and details. This helps in reducing the chance of mistakes. It is also speeding up the process because representatives can just click and call anywhere anytime.

Unbeatable Quality

Residential telephone needs are much different from business needs. For business, you need top-notch quality and clarity so that you can communicate without any issue. With a traditional telephone system, there is no voice quality and sometimes the voice lagging is very common. However, with SIP trunk you can talk to the customer in real-time, and it offers a good audio and video call service.

Call Volume

We have seen companies complaining about the call volume and how they find it annoying when customers complain about busy lines. However, with SIP trunk you can handle multiple calls simultaneously. The best part is that with heavy call volume you will not see any effect on the speed or the audio quality. Even with heavy call volume flow, there will be no distortion and your customer will not have to wait at all.

Affordability Factor

We have seen that companies offering customer service have to call the customers as well as receive the calls. Most of these calls are either sales calls or simply follow-up calls related to complaints or guidance. With a traditional phone system, the number of calls affects the budget. So, if you call more people you will have to pay more. With SIP trunk, the cost per call decreases as the volume of calls increases. In short, the SIP trunk is perfect for business calls and customers service. As cold calling is dying, companies are now looking for an alternative to not only shortlist the possible new clients but to handle the incoming call volume. SIP trunk offers the use of call hunt groups, IVR system, auto-responding service, IVR system, and a lot more.

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