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November 30, 2021

How Has Technology Affected the Gaming World?

These days, mobile phones, facial recognition and virtual reality influence our daily lives. These new technologies have taken over entire industry sectors, including the gaming industry.

This industry is currently one of the fastest-growing and continues to evolve every day. The technological achievements recently in the gaming world are astounding. Players are demanding more from the providers, and they have to deliver.

Technological innovations have had a tremendous impact on many industrial sectors. They have undergone a phoenix-like transformation, and it doesn't look like they will slow down anytime soon. This boom has attracted and will continue to attract more passionate players to an online casino.

The impetuous technological advancement of smartphones

Mobile gaming has made several giant leaps, and the biggest was the introduction of the iPhone (News - Alert) in 2007. Many other smartphones with large displays and fast graphics processors soon followed.

Games on smartphones are already the most significant revenue driver in the gaming market. The digital gaming era has only begun, and new technologies, such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and smartphones, have put the wind into the sails of gaming institutions. Those winds have taken them on a new journey to a destination that looks very different from where they started. These cellular devices, with their many improvements, have changed the nature of online casino gaming with a massive impact.

With 3.2 billion users, you can expect the gambling industry to tap even more into this vast market, and they are growing by leaps and bounds in popularity. Smartphones have added a new dimension to the world of playing and betting by making gambling more accessible than ever before.

The integration into our daily lives has been so profound that many of us depend on our smartphones to solve our everyday problems. It becomes obvious why many online casinos have sprung up lately. Smartphones are becoming the best digital-gambling rooms, with all their advantages and disadvantages. We can see more and more that the smartphone is head and shoulders above all other forms of entertainment, including online slot machines in live casinos, classic sports betting and real-time betting.

Artificial intelligence in symbiosis with gambling

The Terminator and a revolt against humanity were the first things everyone thought about when talking about artificial intelligence. But, nowadays, artificial intelligence is far from an apocalyptic scenario and closer to innovative inventions. A manufacturer in China has already created robots playing various roles in the gambling industry. They are dealing cards for baccarat, the traditional 15th-century card game.

Despite that, the online gambling market will still have to wait at least another five to 10 years before installing reliable robots in casinos. However, the inventors believe that AI technology will allow them to do more than only deal cards. Soon, they will speak as a live dealer does, and, on roulette tables, you will hear the famous phrase, “Faites vos jeux”, in perfect French.

The technology of artificial intelligence in the gambling industry can also support gambling operators to identify unhealthy patterns before they become a problem. Soon, AI technology will be able to detect addiction in players of all ages. With the help of newly developed software, casinos can develop a ‘safety net’ for players most at risk.

Virtual reality in the world of gambling

Virtual reality has added an interesting new dynamic to the casino games industry. It is often referred to as “the future of gaming”. As the name already hints, with virtual reality, people can work with electronic components. They can simulate a casino’s real-life experience. Virtual-reality casinos are digital versions of real casinos. Instead of going to Vegas for the weekend, you can put on your VR headset and take a tour through the computer-generated doors and sit down in front of your favourite slot machine—just like you would in the real world.

This new avenue that land-based casinos, online casinos and gaming clubs are still exploring is the realm of virtual reality. It's on its way to becoming a new focus for the gambling industry, in general. Innovations in the AI industry and online gambling are improving daily and fast.

Technological developments have changed the gambling industry in less than 20 years, which paves the way for a new era. And, institutions in this field will have to work hard to keep up with the technology.


If any industry sector has advanced recently, it is gaming technology, especially electronic and computer games. Thanks to the relentless progress in information technology, those technological developments make it possible to have an extraordinary gaming experience.

The gaming industry’s improvements and innovations will not end here. Facial and voice recognition, gesture control, virtual and augmented reality, and wearable gaming devices will all advance even more in the coming years. Technology will soon bring online and casino gaming to its next level.

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