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November 24, 2021

7 ways to hire Golang Developer

Golang (also known as GO) is a computer language that you may have heard a lot about during the last few years. Also, there is great demand for Golang developer jobs. Even though Golang was founded in 2009, it has only recently begun to gain popularity. It's an open-source programming language for quickly creating simple, efficient, and dependable code blocks.

Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson, three of Google (News - Alert)'s top developers, created Golang. It was created by combining Python's speed with C++'s performance and security benefits. This method works well in distributed contexts and makes program writing simple for programmers.

A unique aspect of the Go programming language is its ability to swiftly use many cores while efficiently implementing concurrency control. In addition, the syntax of the language platform is quite user-friendly. Golang is the best and most well-paid programming language today. It's a general-purpose language that enables concurrent programming and has built-in garbage collection support. Like the C-language, Go includes hash maps, methods for user-defined types, a type interface, variable-length arrays, and implicitly satisfied interfaces. Furthermore, it compiles quite quickly.

The Golang Programming Language has a number of distinguishing features. I will walk you through the important features in the next section.

Main features of Golang programming language

  1. Cloud Computing:

Clouds and data centers are not the same things. On the claim, the cloud shows servers. Golang programs can be quickly launched and efficiently retorted to servers, allowing for speedier programming while dimensioning the instances, as certain machines take a long time to operate and parse each line of code.

  1. Multicore Performance:

There's no need to rewrite the software for additional cores because Golang is extensible and incorporates the undemanding model. It accomplishes this on its own by doubling the number of cores on a regular basis.

  1. Microservices:

It uses asynchronous input-output to make the app user-friendly with some services while avoiding overcrowded HTTP requests. As a collection of microservices, it assists in the development of applications.

  1. Multiple client support:

It is capable of developing some APIs and prioritizes excellent support for numerous clients. It can create its own API and make it flexible for consumers. The Go programming language does not require any previous frameworks.

  1. Non-Synchronous:

The Go programming language runs smoothly on all operating systems and does not interfere with other programs. Moreover, its code is written in a non-synchronous form, which eliminates the need for consultation.

Hire Golang developers in 2021: What you should know?

Difference between junior and senior Golang developers:

If you're looking for the best way to hire a Golang developer, you should learn more about these two phrases. It will be easier to conduct a job interview and select a suitable specialist if you grasp all the differences.

Someone having less than two years of experience is referred to as a junior. Such a developer is familiar with Golang's fundamentals and can successfully use its major functions. This person also knows how to avoid the common "hot spots" and roadblocks. However, junior developers are not the best option for remote work since they require continuous mentoring and they might get confused in a complicated situation. In a complicated situation hiring a senior Golang developer might be a better option.

When it comes to various situations, a senior is a person who would sort it out. This is a Golang guru who understands everything there is to know about the programming language. Senior developers draw on their previous work to solve difficulties that arise unexpectedly. They choose the architecture, manage all processes, and oversee the entire project from conception to completion. Teaching juniors, curating the team, and providing time management are all part of their tasks. Senior Golang developers will lead your projects if you employ them.

Where to find a Golang Developer?

Let's take a look at the three fundamental employment models before you start interviewing prospects and decide who to hire:

  1. In-office job: This one is still the most popular because it allows you to manage and assign personal tasks to developers and other team members. However, this strategy necessitates a significant outlay in monthly salary, rent and office equipment, and other costs. Also, Working at an office encourages a sedentary lifestyle, which is one of the worst adverse effects. You've spent the entire day at your desk, attempting to complete a project. Because you don't walk around or perform any tasks, you become a slacker. Not only that, but it puts a strain on your neck and back. Working at a desk is also one of the leading causes of obesity.

  1. Freelancing: In most circumstances, freelancers are easier to find and hire, but there are more disadvantages to this employment strategy than advantages. Here are some of them:

  • It is hard to track the time spent by the freelancer on fixed-price jobs. Furthermore, freelancers aren't used to keeping track of their time. For a freelancer, a daily/hourly timesheet may be too limiting.

  • Maintenance support is challenging for freelancers because the possibilities of hiring the same developer are slim, and a new developer may need to work more hours merely to get a handle on the problem.

  • Developers must be evaluated based on the projects they have posted because freelancing portals do not have a screening mechanism.

  • Because of the unstable nature of the connection, neither party feels a sense of belonging.

  1. Outsourcing: This is the best way of hiring a Golang developer. There are many advantages to this hiring process. Here are some of them:

  • While you hire remote programmers, you are not limited to one place when looking for talent. You have the ability to screen candidates from all over the world, giving you access to highly qualified, experienced staff. It also allows you to hire developers with hourly fees ranging from average to low.

  • Everyone on a remote team is encouraged to be a self-starter and to explore new methods to help the firm. Furthermore, written communication within a team encourages people to operate more effectively and mindfully, facilitating the exchange of requirements and reports.

  • To meet corporate objectives, it's common practice to confine the staff to the premises and track their output. Remote development teams, on the other hand, are significantly more productive than in-house teams. Many businesses have understood this and have either extended working from home for a longer length of time or indefinitely.

It's no surprise that many businesses opt for one of the following remote employment models: freelancing or outsourcing. So which is the better option if you're looking to hire senior Golang developers? Is a Golang freelance developer better than an outsourced one?

Overall, hiring developers for your project through outsourcing is a much more trustworthy solution. You'll receive fully competent developers who are simple to manage in this way. When recruiting senior Golang engineers and other high-skilled IT specialists with a high level of responsibility, the outsourced employment model is the most cost-effective option.

Skills to look out for in a Golang developer

  1. Hard skills:

  • Being a specialist of Go.
  • Knowledge of various programming languages, including C, Python, and Java.
  • Understanding of all Go tools, frameworks, and libraries.
  • Writing code that is both tidy and readable.
  • Understanding relevant technology and systems (databases, cloud software, Git).
  • Exceed the expectations of the team: Depending on whether you're hiring senior Go engineers for mobile apps or websites, you'll have different requirements.

Frameworks like Gomobile, for example, are critical in app development, whereas Gorilla and Revel are popular in web development. Overall, you should start with your project needs before making a list of tech skills for the remote Go developers. This is the most effective way to find the experts you need.

  1. Soft skills:

  • Cooperative and able to operate as part of a team:- These human qualities are critical in the IT business, as no single person can handle the entire project on their own. The ideal alternative will be to hire Golang engineers from outsourcing organizations, as they have already worked in a team setting.
  • They have a good sense of time management:- When you are analyzing senior Golang developer skills, you want them to guide you through all development processes and oversee the work of other developers, which is only achievable if your senior developer is a master time manager.
  • Trainable and eager to learn:- Since GO is such a new language, there is still a lot to learn about it. Make sure to recruit developers who are active in the Golang community and can stay up with the latest upgrades and trends.


It's not easy to find a Golang developer, especially when you're looking for professionals for a remote project. However, Golang is a fresh and fascinating programming language that attracts new developers and allows them to create various products. There are three possible ways in which you can hire a Golang developer. The first one is the old-fashioned way, which is by announcing the vacancy locally and hiring them in the office. The second is hiring a freelancer that works on a per-project basis. It is highly unreliable though and may cause problems in the long run. The last one is through an outsourcing company which will provide you with a pool of highly talented developers from around the world and you can choose between them. It is the best way to hire a Golang developer or any developer for that matter, in my eyes.

Finally, I'd like to state that Golang is widely accepted as the primary technology stack. This fascinating open-source language is used to build the majority of today's Blockchain and Cryptocurrency projects. So Google certainly deserves a standing ovation from the IT community.

Author’s Bio:

Shivam is a content writer who is also a nature-aesthete. He goes by the philosophy of “being humanitarian first, then a professional.”

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