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October 22, 2021

How to Improve User Experience To Get More Conversions

For any online business, conversion is the ultimate goal that can be reached only if the customer has a pleasing experience while being on your site. 

By improving UX, you can bring back 74% of the visitors to your website. But to harness the power of UX, you need to ensure that you get rid of all the possible UX obstacles preventing conversion.

However, with modern customers, it is not easier to do, since they expect your online store to be exceptionally comfortable to shop with and parallelly smart enough to save their time. Whether its building the right messaging apps to facilitate faster communications between customers as suggested by Yalantis or leveraging the power of CTAs, UX is a key to improve conversions.

Therefore, you need the latest strategies that deliver such experiences.

Let us see, how to improve user experience to get more conversions:

1- Focus On Right CTA Design And Placement

The right CTAs are powerful means of improving user experience and influencing prospects' decisions. 

Recently, Amazon increased sales by $300 million by changing their button text from “register” to “continue”. 

The simple reason behind it is that the first term was confusing as users were not sure if it is the final step. The new term clearly conveys that the user is eligible to shop immediately after they complete the form, improving the user experience. Hence, focusing on creating the right CTAs is highly essential. 

Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Start by defining the shapes, contrasting color, and visible text of the button. Altogether, it should look like a button to catch eyeballs.
  • Next, create exceptional copy that encourages users to take action, just like Amazon. The copy should look like that the next action is going to benefit them. For instance, grow my business, let’s talk, learn more, get started, etc. are high-performing CTAs, as the texts convey what is there behind the button.
  • The placement of CTAs also matters to ensure that the user can spot the button easily. The best practice of placing is considered to be above the fold. But there are also other right options of button placements, such as at the top of the webpage, welcome pop-up message, end of blog posts or email, and middle of the long blog posts.

By following these best practices of the CTA design will help you get conversions and get more leads.

2- Increase Page Speed

Quick to load website means less waiting time for the users, which ensures better UX and more conversions.

Google (News - Alert) PageSpeed Insights is a reliable tool to test the speed of your website on a particular page. The tool tells how long the given URL takes to load and if the given URL passed the Core Web Vital assessment.

Google Search Console is another effective tool that provides metrics to measure the performance of a website on both desktop and mobile devices.

Core Web Vitals is crucial for Google SEO. Under the section Core Web Vitals, you can see the detailed report of your website with the numbers of poor and good URLs, as well as the URLs that need improvements. 

When you open the report, you can also see the list of URLs under each category. Now, further, analyze each URL using third-party tools like GTMetrix to fix them one by one.

Faster loading sites also rank higher for voice searches. You can use these voice seo tricks as suggested by Built To Last SEO Agency London.

3- Build Simple And Clear Navigation

A clear website navigation guides visitors to reach the payment page and complete the purchase.

Use Google Analytics to learn how the audience interacts with your website.

Open Audience (News - Alert) -> Users Flow to find out the source of your visitors and the way they go down the pipeline before converting or leaving your site. Using the data, you would know the exact point where visitors mostly leave the site and work to improve the navigation. 

Google Search Console also offers the report and insight into what queries users are using repetitively to search for their requirements. Now, compile a list of potential terms or phrases and use them in your content pages or navigation menu.

4- Integrate Social Media Links

Adding social media links on a website is an exceptional SEO marketing technique and can incredibly benefit your site in terms of user experience. It is true, especially if you consistently share unique information relevant to your product or services.  

Social links make it easier for visitors to share your content in their network and keep them engaged on social media platforms. 

For example, has bold and clear social media links of Instagram, Facebook (News - Alert), and Twitter on its homepage. Also, every post has the option to share it on all three social channels. 

It is meaningful to have these links on this site since visitors might be interested in knowing more about the sports news shared through social posts. 

The idea is not limited to content posts only. You can also use social links, including WhatsApp to allow visitors on your site to share your product or services they liked with their family and friends.


Consumers want a seamless experience throughout their journey on your website. Good UX ensures that your prospects feel comfortable from the moment they enter your website till they meet their goal. 

Hence, UX is a powerful method of driving customers to your online store and retaining them.

Start looking at your business through the eyes of your target audience, and it would be easier to meet your consumers’ preferences. Plus, try out these simple yet effective tried-and-true techniques to fuel your site with frictionless UX design.

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