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October 19, 2021

Learning how to use proxy networks is one of the most important skills for data scientists.

When collecting large volumes of data over the internet, which is often referred to as Web scraping, it is a technique to fetch a large volume of public data from websites. It automates the collection of data and converts the scraped data into formats of your choice. The primary way to scrape the data is through using professional skills in data science. Because of that, many companies need to hire experienced data science developers to crawl the internet. In comparison, a proxy network comes in handy for those who don't have a big budget and lack coding skills. Scraping large volumes of data over the internet with a network proxy service and using data science tools have a lot of advantages to collect data super faster than others.

One of the most essential factors in today's world is to collect data faster than others and has been automated; tasks that used to take a lot of time to complete can now be done within a few minutes. Companies need to keep track of their products or services to stay competitive in the cut-throat market, and with every minute, there are vast amounts of new data generated globally. But when data is collected at high speed, there are many issues unless you are using good proxy networks; using a regular network for data collection tends to become very slow due to network bandwidth at the collection point and will be restricted at a remote server or website application. This is due to the per internet IP limits placed by server firewalls so that one IP cannot block the network, thereby limiting other visitors to the remote server or website application. Such issues can be avoided by using robust premium proxy networks service, which will be a handy tool for data science because the collection can't be restricted at a remote server or website application as the proxy network service will be using over thousands of proxies IPs so you can pull the data all at once without worrying about getting restricted or blocked by the sites. Other advantages of the proxy network include changing the GEO locations and spreading out the requests over different countries or regions, thus making it look very natural to collect large volumes of data over the internet.

By also using a robust premium dedicated proxy service over regularly shared proxy networks have an even better advantage as since a dedicated proxy service is only used by one set of users and not shared with other users over the web, avoiding unnecessary issues like the IPs being blacklisted by the firewalls in the data-centers where the application website is hosted.

In this article, we have covered some basics about how useful it is for data science to use robust proxy network service because the collection web scraping can be made faster when collecting large volumes of data over the internet for providing customized data extraction services for many companies without being blocked or restricted.

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