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October 19, 2021

The Secret to Ranking Websites Online

How do you rank websites online? Backlinks! The more backlinks a site has, the better it will rank. This is because Google (News - Alert) and other search engines look to see how many sites are linking to a website. Google then uses that as an indicator of how popular your content or website may be.

Let's discuss exactly what backlinks are and why they're so important for ranking websites online!

Why Backlinks Are So Important For Ranking Websites Online?

A backlink is a link from another website directing users to your site. The more high-quality backlinks you have, the better chance your page has of ranking on Google and other search engines. If done correctly, SEO can be very effective for increasing traffic to a particular site. The important thing to remember when it comes to backlinks is that they must be natural. Google can tell when you are trying to game the system, and won't even bother indexing your site if enough of them aren't there naturally.

What Type of Backlinks Will Help Your Site Rank?

There are two types of backlinks that can help your site rank:

  • Do-Follow Backlinks: these links will pass link juice (ranking power) to the other website.
  • No-Follow Backlinks: do not pass any ranking power, but they still count as a ‘like’. Google has said that there is no penalty for using No-Follow links.

Which Sites Should You Be Targeting?

Any site will help your ranking, but the more authoritative sites you get backlinks from, the better! Make a list of websites and blogs in your industry and try to include: company pages on social media (like Facebook or Twitter), business directories (like Yelp (News - Alert) or Yellow Pages), or local publications that your target audience reads.

How Do You Get Backlinks?

There are a number of ways to get backlinks, but some strategies will work better than others:

  • Guest Posting: write content for other sites and link back to your website in the post! This is great because you'll be building links without doing any extra work while providing value to your audience.
  • Media: creating content that users will want to share and linking back from it is the best way to get high-quality links for free. This includes infographics, videos or anything else that might spread through social media.
  • Authority Comments: if you are an expert in your field, larger websites, like Forbes, may want to interview you or publish your content. This is a great way to get backlinks from an authoritative site, like Forbes!

How Many Backlinks Do You Need?

So how many backlinks do you need to rank well online? This really depends on the competition, but generally you'll want between 20 and 50 quality backlinks to see a significant jump in your rankings. Remember, the more backlinks you have naturally pointing to your site, the better chance you'll have of ranking highly.

Does Quality Matter More Than Quantity?

When it comes to SEO backlinks, quality is definitely more important than quantity. Google knows when sites are trying to play the system with spammy links and they will punish them accordingly. If you can get backlinks from trusted websites, that's great! However, make sure the links are actually pointing to your site's pages and not pages on another domain.

How Long Will it Take?

It will take some time to rank well online because of all the other sites out there competing for attention. You'll need around six months to see the real results, but every site is different depending on how much competition you have.

The Bottom Line

These are all great ways of getting high-quality links that will help boost the ranking of a website online! Remember that Google looks at more than just one factor in order to determine how well a website ranks. Backlinks are important, but so is good content, being active on social media, and having a user-friendly website.

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