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October 14, 2021

Upcoming Tech Trends in the iGaming industry

The invention of several digital technologies is taking the world to a different level of operation. The world of gambling is not unaffected by these changes, as we can see so many modern improvements that enhance the gaming experience.

If you go back to the 90's many players would have never believed that there'll be a platform for gambling online. However, contrary to the expectation of those days, new casino technologies emerged and took gambling to a better level.

Nonetheless, its growth has not stopped. As the world evolves, so will the technology and mode of gaming. So, here are some upcoming Tech trends in the iGaming industry.

VR and AR experience

As the name implies, virtual reality is a technology that takes you through an experience that is not real. On the contrary, Augmented reality works towards improving your gaming experience in the physical world.

Virtual reality is not a new invention, as the gambling industry has adopted it for some games. However, iGaming software providers are not ready to stop there. Soon, there will be a better and exciting version of 3D technology the world is used to.

Similarly, Augmented reality is also undergoing development to give gamblers ultimate satisfaction.

Voice and face recognition

With facial recognition, players can create their avatars in the world of gaming using 3D scanning. With this, players can appear inside the gaming world they have always observed from the outside.

Subsequently, Voice recognition will also take the front table in the gaming world. This technology will be perfect for gamers who do not fancy using game consoles to play. Instead of the consoles, you use your voice to control your game.

Playing with Artificial Intelligence

This technology will be perfect for players aiming to test their skills in betting. With this, they can master all they need to about the game of chance before venturing into the real world.

There have indeed been bots to fill this space; however, they are not entirely Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, they are prone to cheating or following a specific game pattern.

Artificial Intelligence Dealer

Artificial Intelligence has been an intriguing topic among players, and soon enough, this technology will be present in online casinos. Artificial intelligence will take the place of a dealer in an online casino. This would place players at a higher advantage as there'll be no risk of being cheated.

Holograph gaming

Another exciting trend to expect in iGaming is holograms. With this technology, a player can play on a hologram table with other players connected from their various locations. Though Holograph gaming is still further in the future, research is conducted to make it a success.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is quickly rising in the market and will soon replace centralized technology. This will manage load and easily transfer data, eliminating the risk of data loss.

Wearable gaming

With the emergence of smartwatches, the technology of wearables rose in the gaming world. Soon, there will be wearables that will not just be a body extension but gaming consoles.


Technology is quickly rising in online gambling, and soon we expect to see these new and improved advancements. With this, gamers can be assured of having the utmost gaming experience.

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