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October 07, 2021

Top 10 Event Press Release Distribution Services

Nobody plans an event purely for their own satisfaction or enjoyment. Most event hosts want to attract as much publicity and as many guests as possible, and possibly some media attention. That can be achieved by using the right marketing strategies.

There are a few ways to increase publicity, from official advertisements to social media, but among the most effective is the use of press release distribution services.

Press releases summarize the key details of your event (such as its aim and itinerary), intending to be read by journalists or other key figures. In turn, a press release distribution service puts a press release in front of the right people, either by publishing it online on popular websites or sending it to journalists directly (or both).

Why do you need an event press release distribution?

If you’ve never bothered with a press release or a distribution service in the past, you might be skeptical about whether it’s really necessary.

But although it’s possible to write a press release yourself and attempt to send it to the media, you’ll be at a serious disadvantage. A distribution service already possesses the right contacts and has the process down to a fine art; as a result, you’ll increase your chances of attracting the attention of the right people.

None of this comes for free, but the service can easily pay for itself by increasing profits. More publicity increases awareness and can bolster ticket sales — or even better, foster valuable partnerships. Besides, press release distribution services are often more affordable than other marketing strategies.

As an extra perk, getting media coverage from media outlets can increase the credibility of your company or organization. In some cases, it can even get you backlinks and traffic to improve your website’s SEO.

Of course, each event type has different aims and should employ slightly different methods.

Types of events

Depending on the kind of event you’re planning, you might want to approach your press release strategy slightly differently. But no matter what, the distribution services have the potential to be your secret weapon — here’s how and why.

A). Charity

Although charity events aren’t aiming to make a profit, it’s perhaps more critical for them to maximize ticket sales than anyone — more attendees means more help for a good cause.

Getting media coverage for an event can also encourage local companies or other future partners to reach out and offer to support your organization in the future.

B). Conferences

Conferences can be of different types, namely; Symposium, Seminar, Colloquium, Workshop and Roundtable. However, when you’re planning a business conference, you generally need a large number of ticket sales to cover the costs of your guests and speakers.

But getting the word out to the right group of people can be difficult — especially if your conference concerns a topic that isn’t exactly general interest. Fortunately, press release distribution services can bridge the gap.

C). Networking

Some events might be commercial failures if they don’t bring in the desired number of guests, but a networking event can’t function at all unless it gets enough attendees for networking to be possible.

Putting a press release and reaching as many local publications as possible reduces the chances of this happening.

D). Arts

Often, arts events are targeted at a niche audience, but those who are interested will often be prepared to travel. Therefore, reaching the right journalists is essential for reaching the most faithful art lovers and making your event a success.

Now that you know what event press release distributions are, why they matter, and what you should be prioritizing. But which service should you choose?

That’s for you to decide, but below are 10 of the best event press release distribution services to consider:


When it comes to event press release distribution services, NewswireNEXT is indisputably the No.1 modern press release distribution company. For a low fee of just $299, they syndicate your press release to 500+ online news sites, including TV and Radio sites, Business and Finance publications, search engines, news aggregators, social media and Mobile news platforms.

Moreover, when you choose NewswireNEXT, you can save lot of Bucks, as they do not charge their customers any membership or registration fee. Also, they allow you to post lengthy press releases too, since they do not have any restrictions regarding the length of your press release.

So considering the pricing, reach and guaranteed pickups, NewswireNEXT is the #1 ranking event PR distribution company in our list. 

For full info, visit: 

#2. PR Newswire

PR Newswire (News - Alert) has been around for several decades but they are always innovating and keeping up to date with the latest advances in the press release field.

Wherever you are based in the world, they can assist you as they have a worldwide presence and their team of press release experts speaks several languages.

Working with PR Newswire, you are assured that they will go above and beyond to ensure that your event will be a success.

They offer a range of cost-effective packages to suit most budgets, and they will make every effort to ensure that you are happy with the press release they create.

For full info, visit:

#3. GlobeNewswire

GlobeNewswire is another large press release distribution agency that can assist you with the marketing of your event.

They have a deep understanding of what it takes to craft a press release that is compelling, engaging and will reach the right audience.

Their website is easy to use and you can order a press release without having to contact their team, making it incredibly convenient.  This means that you can even order your press release in the middle of the night if you wish!

As an international press release agency, GlobeNewswire can assist you in any country.

For full info, visit:

#4. Business Wire

Business Wire has been around for several decades and is well-known for its dedication to customer service and ensuring that the job is always well done.

With press releases for events, they are a strong contender and have been helping clients out with similar press releases for ages.

Over the decades that they have been in business, they have assisted countless clients with press release distribution services for events and this has always proven to be very effective.

Business Wire can either be contacted by sending them a message via their website, or you could visit them in one of their many offices worldwide.

They are very flexible and can tailor-make a package to suit your event press release needs. 

For full info, visit:

#5. eReleases

As a relative newcomer to the world of press release distribution, eReleases is definitely one to consider.

Working with them is mostly conducted online and there is no need to visit any of their offices in person.

That being said, if you want to reach out and speak to a team member about your event’s press release, they are always happy to jump on a call or video chat with you.

Customer service is very important to eReleases and they will not think twice about spending as much time as is necessary on your project.

In terms of price, eReleases is somewhere in the middle and what you would expect by one of the world’s largest players.

For full info, visit:


As the name probably suggests, is a press release distribution agency that works solely online.

From your very first contact with their team of press release writers, to the final sending of the draft, everything is conducted via their easy-to-use website.

Payment can also be made online on their website and you have many attractive event press release packages to choose from.

Whatever your budget or requirements for your event, should be able to accommodate you perfectly.

As with many other press release agencies, they have a global presence but conduct their business in English.

For full info, visit:


RealWire is known for its no fuss approach to press releases for events.

They specialize in online media and can definitely assist with a great event press release.

With their global approach, they have connections with many news agencies and can, with lightening speed, create the right press release for you.

Over the years, RealWire has had many happy customers who have used their services for events, no matter what the size.

If you need a good press release for an upcoming event, simply visit their website and have your press release distributed from there.

Alternatively, you could have one of their expert team write one for you and then distributed it on your behalf.

For full info, visit:

#8. PitchEngine

PitchEngine has been in business for many years now but is still considered a newer press release distribution agency.

It doesn’t matter what size or type of event you arrow are having because they will know exactly how to assist you. Their press release distribution specialists have been specially trained to immediately understand your needs and to suggest what they feel would work best for your event.

As with most press release distribution agencies, PitchEngine works predominantly online but they can be contacted via phone if needed.

For full info, visit:

#9. PRWeb

Most people who have had press releases distributed have heard of PRWeb.

PRWeb is now one of the largest press release agencies in the world but they will treat you like a valued customer and member of the greater PRWeb family.

They will analyze the type of event you are having, and will then distribute it via the best and most effective channels for maximum effect.

PRWeb’s prices range from very expensive (if you want a premium package) to very low if you are on a budget and need simple service.

For full info, visit:

#10. PRLog

PRLog is very popular as they offer their customers a wide range of excellently priced press release packages.

If your event is quite small and you want to get the word out locally, they can assist you (in the same way that they can help with larger events).

This sought after agency has many offices throughout the world, and there should be one near you if you live in a large city and want to visit them in person.

Final Words

As you can see, there are many options out there when it comes to distributing a press release for an event.

When trying to decide who to work with, it is worthwhile selecting an agency that is both cost-effective but offers you the exact service you need.

Some PR agencies are not international, while others are headquartered on most continents.

We suggest visiting their website first and, if you like the look of it, making contact to determine if they are the right fit for you.

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