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October 04, 2021

DNA11 - A Company That Makes DNA Art for Your Home

Have you ever fancied gifting someone their DNA art? Now you will be wondering if it is even possible to have our DNA printed into an art. The answer is- yes, you can have your own DNA art.

DNA11 introduces you to the unique artwork of your DNA. The DNA artwork is as beautiful as its sound. DNA11 is the world's first company that has made this idea execute into reality. DNA artwork is acknowledged as the unique and enthralling artwork in the world.

Let us explore more about DNA11, their mission, visions, products they offer, and everything in between through this article.

DNA11:The world's original inventor of DNA Artwork

The men behind DNA11 are the duo of best friends who have known each other since their childhood. Adrian Salamunovic and Nazim Ahmed introduced DNA artwork to the world in the year 2005. Since that day, they haven't turned back and consistently designed, creating, developing the world's most unique artwork. In very little time, the duo has managed to win people's hearts with their unique concept of DNA artwork. To date, they have delivered their products across 29 countries globally and over 10,000 printed portraits.

In the initial days, the duo didn't have a studio for their business. They used to work from Nazim's apartment. In 2006, they launched fingerprints portraits. 2006 was marked as a turning point for DNA11 as the duo introduced their first-ever studio and got featured in New York Times Magazine. The DNA11 touched the one million dollars figure of the sale in 2007, which was a big deal for the duo to attain such great heights in a couple of years. In 2008, DNA11 commenced global shipping of its products, and people globally began to admire the beauty of DNA artworks.

In 2009, DNA11 inaugurated a pop-up showroom in the city of Los Angeles. This showroom attracts a lot of people. In the year 2010, the company took a big step and set up an art factory, scattered in 10,000 sq. ft. in the land of Ottawa. After 2009, DNA11 took a pause and came back in the year 2013 by renovating their website and launched it once again.

The DNA11 motive is to create art that defines the real you by making DNA artworks that are intimate, unique, and one of a kind. Currently, there are 60 people employed under DNA11.

DNA11 offers four products to its customers, that is:

  • DNA Portraits
  • Fingerprint Portraits
  • KISS Portraits
  • Gift Certificates

 DNA Portraits

DNA portraits have modified the way of gifting. You might have seen people or you even yourself have gifted people portraits of themselves but, did you ever thought of giving them their DNA Portraits? No, right?

DNA11 has made this dream meet reality. DNA11 brings you the personalized and creative form of art, DNA portraits. This offering is an ideal option to gift your partner. You can present DNA portraits to your loved ones to express how much they mean to you. DNA 11 promises to make the whole procedure simple, easy, and painless.

Once you place your order, after seven days, you will receive a DNA collection kit that includes ink slips, collection sheets, a guiding manual, color example patterns for choosing the color, and an envelope for shipping back your fingerprint.

DNA11 offers you a list of color combinations to choose from that includes infrared, fire sky, citron, ice, positive, deep, atomic, cotton candy, city light, dusk, aquatic, passion, glacier, northern lights, black ice and they even help you to personalized a new color combination of your choice.

The whole procedure of capturing your DNA is so simple that it wins people's souls. Once you have completed capturing your DNA sample, you need to mail back the sample to them. After receiving the sample, they take four weeks to prepare your unique artwork.

DNA11 gives you a variety of options:

  • You can even combine two or more people's DNAs into a canvas to create it more unique.
  • You can choose from a variety of sizes that suit you best.
  • You even have the option of getting your canvas framed in black, white, or espresso wooden frames.
  • To make it more intimate, you can even have your signature printed over your canvas.
  • DNA11 even gives you an option to download your art piece and use it the way you want.

Fingerprint Portrait

Fingerprint portraits are yet another unique piece of art that backs the fact that no two or more people on the planet can have a similar fingerprint and neither does your artwork. Your individual Fingerprint Portrait will create a striking art observation at home or any place of your choice. DNA11 provides you with a pool of style, color, size, and frame to choose what suits you best. They offer you red tide, red stripe, charcoal, zebra, white stripe, mist, wood, sand, soil, clay, and a lot more color combinations to choose from. Buy this unique artwork starting from $175.

KISS Portrait

Enhance your home decor with this classic KISS Portrait that gives just the luxurious look your decor lacks. After placing your order from DNA11, you will receive a kit to capture your kiss. The kit includes a Revolution (News - Alert) Organics Lip Gloss that is 100% natural and does not harm your skin. This lip gloss will help you to capture the perfect shape of your lips. Giving a KISS portrait to your lover will provide a sense of belonging. DNA11 uses archival-quality canvas to print your lips.

Gift Certificates

If you get amazed with the idea of DNA portraits, then gift certificates will make you awe. There are times when you are confused about what to gift your special ones and in times like these, gift certificates can be the ideal choice. DNA11 will email you the electronic gift certificate, which you can gift to your special ones.

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