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September 30, 2021

Is your internet security the best?

In today’s world, the internet has become an essential part of our everyday lives. Therefore, having access to the internet is now considered a necessity.

The internet nowadays aids many operations in the world. It would, therefore, be of great benefit to you if you learned how to maneuver around on the internet.

One of the main concerns raised by people using the internet is their safety. Not once have we been advised to avoid specific sites, but is that enough?

Your protection is more than the sites you visit. There is, therefore, a lot to be put into consideration as you use the internet.

Here are a few guidelines to follow to lead you to a safe time on the internet;

Maintain a balance between professional and personal information.

This tip primarily applies to those who run a website for their business. You need to know which information to put out there.

It is always advisable to put your expertise and company’s contact information rather than your personal contact information.

Just as you would not divulge your personal information to strangers, don’t do it on the internet, as they are no different.

Always ensure you use a secure internet connection.

Many of us have formed a habit of always being online. It is, therefore, no surprise people are always looking for a Wi-Fi connection.

However, this may not be very safe for you. When you use the public internet, there is a high chance of you getting hacked.

If you decide public internet connection, ensure that your device is secure. There is also the option of waiting till you get a secure connection.

Be cautious of what you download.

Just as consumers of the internet have gotten more intelligent, so have the hackers. With this in mind, utmost caution is required as you download things.

Certain apps crush your device or even steal your information which could be pretty dangerous.

It is always advisable to download apps from sites that you trust.

Conduct online shopping cautiously.

Online shopping has become a norm that many people have come to love and enjoy. However, did you know that conducting shopping on an unsecure site is dangerous?

Thieves take advantage of the fact that you provide your bank information on the internet to steal from you.

Always make purchases from trusted sites and be wary of the information you provide.

Ensure you have an up-to-date antivirus program.

Surfing through the internet could have you going through numerous sites. Unfortunately, these sites may not be as secure as you think; hence your device ends up picking up a virus.

Having an up-to-date antivirus will detect this issue and deal with it appropriately.

Select strong passwords.

Passwords play an essential role in providing your security on the internet. However, weak passwords do not do much for you.

Many people prefer having simple passwords that they can easily remember, but they forget that if it is simple to them, even a cyber-thief could guess it.

Therefore, select a strong password. Numerous systems have been created to help you remember all your passwords.

Get yourself a VPN.

Provided you are surfing on the internet; you need to have a VPN. The VPN allows you to have a secure internet connection no matter the internet you use.

Numerous companies provide VPNs. Look for a trusted company such as PrivacyRiders that offers the best internet protection possible.

It would be advisable if you remembered VPNs also required to be kept secure. The following are some of the ways through which you could keep your VPN safe;

Apply the appropriate protocol.

Many VPN users are aware that there are different levels of protection provided. The lowest level offers the least protection and is almost as same as having no VPN at all.

Your main goal should be having protection from any level of hacking or monitoring. You should, therefore, get yourself the highest protocol. This will ensure that you always have a safe time on the internet.

Ensure you stop leakages of your DNS.

When using a VPN, you connect to the internet using the DNS server provided by your provider.

This means that whenever you access the internet, you should see the DNS of your VPN. In some circumstances, however, people see their real DNS. This means that it is leaking.

An efficient VPN provider should protect against these leaks.

Have limited access to your VPN.

The VPN acts like a pathway to accessing your internet. It would be best if you, therefore, tried to have it open as few times as possible.

One way to regulate this is by ensuring that it is used for only necessary activities. Having limited access ensures that your LAN is always protected.

Incorporate a strong password.

Passwords not only apply to your internet access but also your VPN access. So as you select the password for your VPN, ensure it is a strong one.

It is always advisable to mix letters with numbers as this will make your password harder to guess.

It would be best to remember that there are programs created to guess; hence a lengthy password would be more appropriate.

Ensure your VPN has a kill switch.

The kill switch will terminate the internet connection if ever the VPN fails.

When your VPN fails, your IP address is visible; hence you are exposed to various people on the internet. This is a threat as not only your identity but also your location is revealed.

The lack of a kill switch is a dangerous move.

Secure wireless networks.

The majority of people who have internet connections have wireless routers. However, you need to know that these routers are rarely configured for security.

This, therefore, leaves not only their internet access but also their VPN exposed to various cyber threats.

Verify other users.

As you allow other users to access your VPN, ensure that they do not get full access. Ensure that their devices comply with your network policies.

This will save you from viruses, spam, and anything harmful from destroying your device.

Having a secure internet connection is crucial for the best experience.

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