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September 28, 2021

4 Technologies Helping People Do Old Things in New Ways

Sometimes, a new technology ends up becoming a complete revolution; it enables us to do something that wasn’t possible at all before the technology was invented. Most of the time, though, new technologies are more evolutionary in nature. They don’t enable us to do completely new things, but they do make existing activities easier, cheaper, more efficient or more accessible. Because many of those activities are things that we all do every day, it’s often the more evolutionary technologies that end up making bigger differences in the long run.

These are a few of the newest technologies that are helping you do old things in new and better ways.

Smart Home Technology Has Changed Home Security

If you live in a busy neighborhood, there’s a good chance that home security crosses your mind from time to time. There’s also a good chance that it’s crossed your mind even more over the past year or so as you’ve depended more and more on home delivery from companies like Amazon. When you’re not home, delivery drivers will leave packages in your driveway or on your porch – and that’s helped to contribute to a massive increase in package theft over the past couple of years.

Can you even remember what your solution for home security was before modern home automation equipment became affordable and widely available? Chances are that you didn’t have one because hiring a security company is out of reach for many homeowners. These days, though, something as simple as a video doorbell can go a long way toward protecting your home. A video doorbell can begin recording whenever it detects movement in its field of vision, and it an upload all videos to the cloud automatically to ensure that everything is still available to view even if the equipment is destroyed. You can even connect a video doorbell to your front door lock, giving drivers the ability to leave packages inside your home.

Vaping Technology Has Changed How We Take Supplements

Everyone wants to live life to its fullest potential and to approach every day with energy, alertness and drive. Unfortunately, being overworked and under-rested can often contribute to a feeling of malaise that follows you throughout the day and can make you feel like you aren’t quite as effective as you could be. That’s one reason why so many people take supplements ranging from vitamins and minerals to herbal extracts.

One of the problems with supplements, though, is that taking a supplement orally makes it less bioavailable and slower to enter your system. When you swallow a supplement, you may need to wait as long as an hour before the supplement’s active ingredient begins to enter your bloodstream through your digestive system – and before that can happen, your liver will neutralize a portion of the active ingredient in a process called the first-pass effect. With some supplements, it’s possible to eliminate both of those problems by inhaling the supplements instead. When you inhale a supplement in vapor form, more of the active ingredient enters your bloodstream because the liver doesn’t process it. Also, inhalation gives you almost instant results compared to waiting for the supplement to go through your digestive system. That’s why so many people are buying CBD vape pens in the UK these days.

The Gig Economy Has Changed How We Earn Money

Before the advent of the gig economy, finding a way to earn more money was a serious challenge. To make your existing job pay more, you need a higher pay rate or more hours – and sometimes, those things simply aren’t available. Taking a second job isn’t always easy, though, because you need to fit the employer’s schedule, and that may not be possible without compromising your performance at your primary job or reducing the quality of your home life.

Today, the gig economy has completely transformed how people earn extra income. As a gig worker, you don’t have to go through a lengthy job search because someone – whether it’s Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates or someone else – is always hiring. The best part of working a side gig is that you can choose your own hours because the demand never really stops. When you’re available and want to earn some extra money, all that you need to do is launch an app on your phone and set yourself as available. If you do things correctly, taking advantage of the gig economy can really give you an unprecedented level of control over your finances.

Mobile Devices Have Changed How We Work

If you work in an office, you probably can’t remember a time when a computer wasn’t your primary work tool. Whether your job involves tabulating figures in spreadsheets, writing documents or updating a database, we’ve gotten to the point where it is almost impossible to do any office job using paper alone. The nature of the computer as the primary tool for work, however, has completely changed – and that change has only accelerated over the past couple of years.

The primary thing that has changed about computers as work tools is that a traditional desktop computer may no longer be your primary work tool at all. These days, your main tool may be a tablet or even a mobile phone. There’s no need to leave your work at the office when you go home at night, and that makes you more productive than ever. Today’s mobile devices have become so powerful that, when you connect your device to a keyboard and full-sized screen, it’ll feel the same as if you were using a computer.

We also have cloud computing technology to thank for how useful today’s mobile devices have become for work. Sometimes, doing work with today’s technology isn’t a matter of using your mobile device for everything. Instead, you may simply want to use the device that’s available wherever you happen to be right now. Since you’re saving your work to a cloud-based server, that’s easy to accomplish because your work is always available on every device you use.

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