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September 22, 2021

Xiaomi Unveils 5 MP Camera Smart Glasses With Photos, Navigation, And Calling Features

Xiaomi Inc., the brand headquartered in China, has revealed their new smart glasses that will not only show quick and essential information but come laden with photos, calling, and navigation features. The gadget has a 5MP camera. It is the first eye wearable device that offers real-time text translation. It weighs 51 grams and supports the XiaoAI, the AI assistant used for voice commands.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses: The Breakthrough in the MicroLED Technology

Xiaomi has recently unveiled the Smart Wearable device that integrates intellectual functioning into eyewear. Call it crazy or cool, but the future of wearable devices is changing. This brand new wearable device combines the sensors and the imaging system into the ordinary glasses design using the ‘MicroLED optical waveguide technology.’ This eyewear helps display notifications and messages, helps in navigation, making calls, translation of texts, and capturing photos.

The advanced MicroLED technology is the future of wearable devices, and the company has worked to overcome the challenges on the internal arrangements of the components and the imaging. This technology will help lower the design space required for structural design and the overall weight of the device. The company has revealed that the Smart Glass comes with a round frame, and the device takes inspiration from the superhero smart glasses ‘EDITH.’ The metal bar of the glasses is placed right above the nose rim.

The users use Smartphones from these reputed companies for varied purposes. Gaming and gambling gameplay is also quite popular, making many users choose to play NetBet Slots and other casino games on their Smartphones. With the introduction of these smart devices, retrieving information is more accessible, and one gets the details in real-time.

Moreover, the use of MicroLED technology is one of the optimal choices. The emissive property helps to allow for brightening up the display of the device. The waveguide technology used in this smart wearable device allows displaying deeper blacks and brighter displays. Moreover, the device has a longer lifespan and higher pixel density too. It helps with easier screen integration and initiating the compact display. The technology refracts the light at 180 degrees, and the MicroLED precisely transmits the light beam to the human eyes through the microscopic grating structure of the optical waveguide lens.

Other Details of the Smart Wearable Device

The availability and pricing of the Smart Wearable device are not already out. The announcement will be made after the device is made available in the Chinese market. This smart device will compete against the device introduced by Facebook that is Ray-Ban stories smart glasses. The glasses have a square structure and have thick bands that are strong. The bands have in-built sensors. This imaging technology minimizes the design space and the weight of this device.

The Xiaomi Smart Glass does not have a secondary Smartphone display, but it is an independent wearable device. It integrates a total of 497 components that includes the communication modules and the miniature sensors. This Smart Wearable device functions as the smart terminal that comes with the independent operating capability. The real-time text, photo translations, teleprompter, and fundamental interaction logic with minimum interruptions make this device a great option.

The other best thing about this wearable device is that it comes with a monochrome display solution that allows the passing of sufficient light. This gadget reaches a peak brightness of almost two million units. The use of an AI assistant makes this smart wearable device one of the best primary interaction methods for users.

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