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September 21, 2021

5 Top Industries That Have Seen Growth During the Pandemic

The pandemic brought sudden widespread and unexpected changes to the economic environment. Entire industries have been forced to rethink their business models as workforces began working remotely and health and safety became more important than ever.

Some industries are battling to recover and many businesses have closed their doors whereas others have experienced growth during this turbulent time. Here are five industries that are experiencing growth due to the changing market dynamics.

1. Healthcare

The healthcare industry was one of the fastest-growing sectors of the US economy but it saw more growth during the pandemic. Nurses and orderlies were in high demand and are continually sought after in this industry that is growing faster than the average growth rate for all industries.

There is a growing need for many different medical roles, including nurse practitioners and healthcare administrators. It is possible to do an online MBA in healthcare administration at Carroll University. Find out more about this at

The healthcare industry is transforming digitally and providing patients with more guidance on prevention, giving them personal health information tailored to their own wellness. IT solutions are playing a key role in many sectors, helping to modernize big players in the industry like healthcare providers, pharmaceutical chains, and insurance companies.

2. E-learning

The pandemic brought virtual learning to the center stage as educational institutions like schools and colleges were forced to close. It provided a viable strategy for offering educational continuity. More people are enrolling in online institutions that facilitate remote learning due to its convenience.

Research suggests that online learning increases the retention of information as individuals can learn at their own pace and in their own time in a way that suits them best. E-learning is here to stay and although many educational institutions have now opened their doors again, a blend of e-learning and in-classroom learning is proving to be most effective.

3. E-commerce

Consumers have been gravitating to online purchasing for some time but the pandemic accelerated this. Government shutdowns of non-essential retailers eliminated brick-and-mortar as a buying option and saw many more people shopping online.

Online retailers saw massive sales increases and online sales have continued to surge even once brick-and-mortar retailers opened their doors again. People experienced the convenience of being able to compare prices, click a button and have a purchase delivered to the door. E-commerce stores are using digital marketing campaigns to customize offers to appeal to individual consumers.

4. Online food delivery

The restaurant industry was one of the hardest hit by economic shutdowns and social distancing requirements. A number of restaurants responded to the crisis by switching to home delivery to stay afloat. Food delivery apps enabled people to order meals online instead of eating out at restaurants.

Online food delivery platforms such as UberEats and DoorDash were around before the pandemic but their user base expanded rapidly. They responded to the crisis by introducing contactless delivery options. Some companies have expanded into grocery deliveries. Online food delivery is likely to keep growing even though restaurants are opening again.

5. Telehealth

Telemedicine is swiftly becoming part of the “new normal.” Telehealth was born out of convenience, but during the pandemic, it became necessary. The number of virtual health care visits is soaring as people hop on video calls with a physician rather than going into the practice for a consultation.

Some healthcare companies have already positioned themselves as forerunners in the telecare space and are making sure people stay on prescribed medications. Tech-enabled consumer outreach and home-delivered pharmacy services are making this possible.

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