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September 21, 2021

Why Remote Workers Gain Weight Fast?

Remote working is comfortable for most people as they do not have to face the tiring traffic, wake up early to get ready for work and run back to their seats after short breaks. But it has some disadvantages like excessive sitting, work-related obesity, and getting used to staying indoors forever. Several remote workers have reduced socializing or going out enormously, taking a toll on their limited physical activities.

Overworking without time limit

Remote workers gain weight enormously because of overwork, as many companies try hard to make ends meet by bombarding them with numerous projects. Having no time to exercise or eat healthy takes a toll on their health very soon, making them snack whatever they can and gain weight quickly.

Several companies are starting to pay attention to overwork-related obesity among their employees lately and taking efficient steps to create awareness about the issue. Corporate companies follow methods like hiring freshers, reducing the workload, and spreading easy weight loss methods like intermittent fasting. provides good science-based fasting routines and apps to track results for modern employees.

Excess snacking

Excess snacking of junk food is the second main reason remote employees gain extra weight in a brief period. The pandemic made many people stay indoors for a prolonged time and closed most gyms due to the Covid spread. The employees working from home do not take regular breaks to prepare a good meal.

They simply munch on whatever they want while working, causing obesity. Besides, they work alone in the home, and there isn’t anyone particular to ask them to stop eating or point out their weight gain. They turn to snacks to overcome their loneliness and excessive workload resulting in overeating.

Couch comfort dangers

The couch comfort dangers surpass the dangers of smoking easily as constant sitting has become more dangerous to the body than smoking. Remote workers get into the mentality of enjoying the home confinement automatically and try to avoid going out rather than feeling intrigued to travel or come outdoors.

Work, entertainment in the television, gaming, food order, shopping, and everything gets done sitting comfortably on a couch, which quickly takes a toll on their weight. Experts advise remote workers to indulge in in-home walking, doing stretches once in half an hour, and climbing the stairs daily to stay fit.

Time mismanagement

Most remote workers are terrible at time management even though they have access to advanced tools and techniques to manage their time efficiently. They often get carried away checking unwanted emails or spending too much time on YouTube (News - Alert) or social media since there is no office atmosphere to monitor them. They work with extra speed and pitch in more hours to make up for the loss of productivity and meet stringent deadlines.

As a result, they miss out on healthy sleep, shrink meal preparation and eating time and quit exercising altogether, doing some other chore during that time. Indulging in ten minutes hard-core exercises like planks, bear crawl, or hard ab crunches will help maintain weight without spending much time.

Group diet plans

People in the same apartment or friends in the neighborhood can take turns cooking healthy meals. Gather five or six people and make each person cook healthy meals for everybody one day a week. Everybody gets to enjoy eating healthy food throughout the week without having to cook daily.

Alternatively, order fresh food like salads and eat it as a group in a video chat to avoid cheating and gulping down junk food. Take innovative measures to practice mindfulness eating and indulge in detox and fasting practices as a group to stay motivated. Share your weight loss or weight maintenance goals with friends and co-workers to keep on track.

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