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September 21, 2021

4 Healthy Tips For Finding Calm In Daily Life

Are you noticing that you’re feeling more stressed than normal? If you are looking for fresh ways to find calm and be more relaxed – try out some of these simple tips for reducing stress.

Whether it’s the heat of summer, a change at work, or a notice from your landlord, many things can set off a feeling of frustration and irritability. If your life feels too hectic and you’re looking for quick relief, take a moment to make a few adjustments.

Get Active

Medical experts consistently urge people to get active. It’s not just that they are obsessed with exercise. It’s because it really works.

Getting active doesn’t necessarily mean you need to run a marathon or swim a mile. It doesn’t mean that you have to be a triathlete to experience the benefits. Simple changes in physical exercise have a marked positive effect on the body. As little as a daily walk can help reduce stress, and improve your mood.

In addition to formal activity, look at ways to boost your exercise informally. Take up gardening, housecleaning, and organizing the garage. You’ll get in a lot of exercise without even noticing that you’re being active.

Get Musical

Listening and playing music has been found to reduce stress. If you’re a music lover, you may already have a great collection of vinyl records and a turntable. You already know that when things seem too hectic, you can turn to your tunes and tune out the world.

If listening to music works for you, find ways to make this a daily habit. Set up your music room with a comfortable place to sit, a door to close, and a place to put your feet up. You may want to create your personal listening temple so it’s always a place you can come too when things get rough.

On the other hand, if you are inclined, you may enjoy the pleasure of playing music. Perhaps you learned the flute, guitar, or violin as a child. Maybe the rewards of playing music are waiting for you. If it’s been a while, consider taking a class, working with a tutor, or brushing up on your skills with an online coach.

Whether you prefer listening or playing, health experts agree that music is good medicine. It’s a great way to slash stress, reduce muscle tension, and decrease stress hormones.

Get Together

Sometimes when things get stressful, you may feel like being alone. Medical experts recommend that the alternative may be more effective: getting together with family and friends.

Experiment to find the rhythm of social contact that works best for you. If you prefer meeting people one-on-one, set up a time to get together with a friend. You may want to include virtual chats on Zoom or connecting via email.

If you feel that being around people helps you manage life’s ups and downs, look for more ways to be social. This may include getting together with others in a class or community event. Perhaps there are opportunities to volunteer in your neighborhood or city. Explore the ways that work best for you.

Get Writing

Writing in a diary or journal can be a great stress reliever. Journaling can be a great way to cope with feelings of anxiety. You can write whatever you want, as much or as little as you like. You can write without having to worry about penmanship or grammar.

Many studies confirm that journal writing is a way to release pent-up emotions and feelings. If you would like to explore journal writing as a way to relieve stress, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Many stores carry school supplies including notebooks and journals.

The key to writing in a journal is to give yourself the tools and permission to start. For tools, you simply need a notebook and a writing instrument. Find a pen or pencil that you like. Get the notebook that appeals to you – with or without lines.

Give yourself permission to write freely. Some people like to write at a certain time of day, such as first thing in the morning or last thing before bed. Others write whenever the mood strikes. By making time to experiment with different writing rituals, you’ll discover what works for you.

Finding Calm In Daily Life

Whether it’s getting active, listening and playing music, socializing, or journaling – you can personalize your approach. With a little exploration, you’ll find the best ways that help you find calm in daily life. 

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