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September 20, 2021

How iPhones and Androids Make Our Lives Easier

Technology, in general, has made the lives of those of us living in the 21st century immeasurably easier. Items we take for granted, coffee machines, dish washers, central heating and cable TV channels were utterly unimaginable for 99.9% of human history. Despite this, the utterances of many seem to constantly tell us that we are destroying the world and that capitalism is depriving the poorest 99% in favour of the 1%.

As of September 2021, 66.92% of the worlds global population owns a mobile phone. These miraculous devices offer their users unrestricted knowledge at their fingertips when combined with an active internet connection. In the United Kingdom, almost 90% of the population owns a mobile phone. Of course, poverty cannot be measured based on whether one owns a mobile phone or not, but clearly, we are taking such devices for granted, especially in the western world.

The Power of Modern Mobile Devices

Quite simply, your smartphone is millions of times faster than the computers NASA used to put men on the moon. Technological advancements over the past 50 years have surpassed anything ever seen before. Nobody can predict how the world will look in the next 50 years. Elon Musk’s Neuralink company is looking to cure neurological conditions such as dementia using a computer chip which is implanted in the brain. Perhaps humans are not too far away from increasing their life spans by hundreds or even thousands of years, with the use of technology.

Top Five: How Mobile Technology Made Lives Easier

1.Fitness Apps

Do you want to know exactly how many calories and how much protein you are putting into your body every time you eat? You can track all of this anymore simply by downloading a choice of fitness apps. Many of the apps have brand specific foods built into them. So, if you eat a tub of Nutella, (we wouldn’t advise this) you can input it into the app and you will know how much fat, protein etc that will go into your body. Our recommended app is MyFitnessPal which is completely free to use.


Any piece of music, from any generation available in an instant – that’s what you can get from your mobile phone. Subscription music apps allow you to download as many songs as you want and listen to them as many times as you want. Gone are the days of CDs and vinyl records. Our recommended app for music is Spotify, prices vary but students can get a subscription for around £5.00 per month. You can listen to music for free, but you will have constant interruptions from advertisements.


You can contact any other mobile user from wherever they are around the world via voice call, text or even video call. If you went back in time by only 70 years and you showed anyone this technology, they would likely think you are an alien!


Walking into your local bank might as well be a thing of the past thanks to your phone. Banks are now at the stage of doing everything electronically. If you need to pay someone, all you need to do is enter their account details into your mobile banking app. Furthermore, banking apps such as Revolut give you the opportunity of splitting a bill if you are eating out at a restaurant with friends, for example. PayPal (News - Alert) is regarded as the number one online payment provider in the world. PayPal can be used to buy a variety of goods online from your supermarket shopping to holidays. You can even play at PayPal casinos using your phone, the gaming world is at your fingertips!

5.Buying and booking your holiday and flights

Thanks to apps such as AirBNB and RyanAir, users can book their holidays with flights included all using their mobile phones. No more travel agents, you can do it all yourself now.

The Future of Mobile Phones

Remember when your math teacher told you there was no way everyone would be carrying a calculator around in their pockets in the future? How wrong could they have been! Despite the initial progress, it must be said that mobile technology has slowed in the past decade. Although new iPhones are released yearly, don’t be fooled by thinking you need to upgrade your model. Often, the updates are limited.

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